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Case Study: Hotels and Leisure

Hotels, Motels, Clubs, Pubs Cafes and Restaurants

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Cafes and restaurants use ERP systems
Hotels use ERP systems
Cafes and restaurants use ERP systems
Cafes and restaurants use ERP systems
Cafes and restaurants use ERP systems

MYOB Advanced Case Studies

Soul Origin

"Being on the cloud, we can make decisions faster than we ever could before"

Soul Origin connects their software to accelerate future growth


Soul Origin is Australia’s fastest growing fresh food franchise. The business has grown from 2 stores in 2013 to 79 stores in 2017. This unprecedented growth put a huge strain on the financial management of Soul Origin’s franchise network. As the franchisor, the business wanted more insight into the performance of their business and significantly streamline their processes to handle their growth. Moving to integrate MYOB Advanced with MYOB AccountRight gave them a whole of business solution to usher in a bold new future for Soul Origin.

The Problem

External database hard to use


Soul Origin’s rapid growth created a typical business problem: its legacy Xero software simply couldn’t handle the pace anymore.

“We actually broke the accounting package we were using,” says CEO, Chris Mavris. “The solution was to find the software package that could help us grow and develop, we needed an enterprise solution to give us the reporting we required, but also meet the needs of the high level of invoicing that we are generating as a business.”

Soul Origin has a significant number of franchisees who run multiple business units. It wanted to give them access to bookkeeping and payroll software that would simplify their accounting yet not limit their features – MYOB’s AccountRight solution suited their needs perfectly.

The Solution 

Everyone together in the cloud


A cloud-based solution was deemed to be essential for ease of access by franchisees across the country. MYOB Advanced and MYOB AccountRight were deemed ideal for this purpose.

An implementation of MYOB Advanced at the head office and MYOB AccountRight in each franchise connected their systems to provide Soul Origin a single cohesive view of their business.

“These solutions create unique integration opportunities for franchises, which helps franchisors offer support to franchisees and increases visibility across the business,” says MYOB’s Head of Partnerships, Simon Dennis. “Ultimately, this integration minimises risk factors across the entire business.”

The Outcome

The precious gift of time


With AccountRight providing all the back-end data that helps franchisees make better decisions, and Advanced giving Soul Origin’s head office live visibility of every franchise-holder’s performance, the retail outlets are freed up to focus more on delivering best-quality customer service. “She thanked me for giving her time back to spend with her family and also for giving her more time to spend on her business, growing sales and growing connectivity with her customers,” Chris concludes.



  • Xero couldn’t handle large volume of invoices

  • Didn’t have access to sophisticated intelligent reporting

  • Franchisees were spending too much time on paperwork


  • Advanced and AccountRight deliver seamless bookkeeping to franchises

  • Head office has live visibility of every branch’s performance, coupled with superior analytics

  • Franchisees have more time to focus on customers, and have gained precious family time

- - -

Woolcock Group

"MYOB Advanced was the only product that met almost 100% of requirements."

MYOB Advanced helps Woolcock Group manage a highly diversified portfolio.


Operating multiple, diverse businesses is no mean feat. The Woolcock Group needed a powerful ERP to handle budgeting, reporting, and forecasting, as well as the flexibility to work from anywhere – and with big plans for growth, scalability was a must.



The Woolcock Group was founded in 1978 and is affiliated with a diverse number of business units including WineWorks Australia Pty Ltd, Sustainability House, Woolcock Construction Pty Ltd, and several other entities within commercial property management; employing over 70 staff.

WineWorks Australia Pty Ltd serves as a premium logistics and warehousing provider to the world-famous South Australian wine industry; Sustainability House is a nationally recognised provider of energy efficiency assessments and ecologically sustainable design services; and Woolcock Construction Pty Ltd specialises in design, construction, property development, property management and also operates several serviced offices.

The Problem

What do you give the business that does everything?


According to Lauren Wildash, Corporate Services Manager at the Woolcock Group, the time had come to upgrade to an ERP to manage the growing business – and due to operating across several sites, it was essential that any solution they chose would allow them to work remotely.

After undertaking an extensive needs analysis, the Woolcock Group decided on MYOB Advanced as it could perform all their required tasks and was considerably less expensive than some competitors.


The Solution 

Moving forward with MYOB Advanced


The implementation process was completed collaboratively and strategically. The Exo partner helped the Woolcock team talk through high-level configuration – such as the number of companies and branches needed, naming protocols and how to best use sub-accounts to dissect various business divisions – before moving all the necessary data to the new system.

"Everything was processed in a test environment before posting live, giving us peace of mind."


The Outcome

A better way to do business


Since implementing MYOB Advanced, the team at the Woolcock Group have been able to streamline several processes and save an enormous amount of time. “Because we are able to build our own profit and loss reports which compare information across sub-accounts, we’ve eliminated the need to export data to Excel,” enthuses Lauren.

In addition to this, the ability to access their accounting files through a web browser has meant the flexibility to work from anywhere, making managing all the separate businesses much easier.




  • The lack of web accessibility

  • Unable to search or report across branches

  • Disparate financial systems

  • Limited report customisation options


  • Ability to work from anywhere

  • Huge time savings

  • Powerful budgeting, reporting and forecasting features

  • User-friendly, scalable system for future growth

- - -

Kurrajong Kitchen 

"Now, we can see the overarching picture. It’s almost a sense of taking a breath – you can trust that the number is right, instead of having to check it."

Kurrajong Kitchen improves accuracy and achieves high growth


Kurrajong Kitchen has grown from selling cellophane-wrapped Lavosh flatbreads from a family restaurant to supplying Australia’s largest supermarkets and Virgin Airlines. That growth can be attributed to Kurrajong Kitchen’s continuous-improvement mindset in manufacturing processes, but it wasn’t until they shifted to MYOB Advanced that they had the oversight to do the same for their business systems.

Two decades of business – and outgrowing systems


Karen Lebsanft and her husband have been running Kurrajong Kitchen for over two decades, growing it from a side business to supplying some of Australia’s biggest retailers.

While their manufacturing processes were always being tweaked and improved, their business systems were lagging behind.

MYOB AccountRight Premier had suited them well in the early days, but as they grew, they needed better inventory control, a better overview of the company and better traceability – critical for compliance with the HACCP.

“For admin and inventory control, we ran separate spreadsheets. That meant we were working in funnels – not holistically. We’d simply grown beyond it.”

The Problem

Managing multiple entities


As production and distribution got more complex, Karen knew they needed something more sophisticated than their manual systems.

Kurrajong Kitchen also operates multiple companies – one manufactures, another manages the sales and distribution, and a third offers white-labelled baking. Manually connecting these entities took hours, and still left them without any overarching view of the business. Stocktaking and CRM tracking, procurement handling and shipping orders were also more difficult than they needed to be.

“We needed something overarching that would let us improve in business, in technology, in management of stock and ultimately in cashflow.”

The Solution

Best fit and business continuity


After reviewing the market, Karen decided MYOB Advanced was the best fit for functionality and price, with the added benefit of delivering continuity for this ‘MYOB business’. Kurrajong Kitchen has been using various MYOB products for over 21 years, almost since it launched.

“We thought, let’s build on what we know,” explains Karen.

MYOB Advanced would deliver seamless integration between the three entities, and the inventory management would bring Kurrajong Kitchen closer to ‘just in time’ manufacturing, with far tighter tracking of ingredients and better management of Food & Beverage industry issues such as waste factor variances. 

With easy copying and upload of receipts, Karen could also “see hints of that mythical paperless accounts office!”

The Outcome

Traceability, accountability and cost savings


After implementation, Karen could see immediate improvements.

“I know now where I can improve inventory control to see cost savings. It’s an immediate win.”

Karen is already seeing the benefits of timely access to accurate information. Whereas reports once took hours each month to create, using MYOB seems to happen almost instantly.

“With inventory control, we can push a button and double-check anything. This gives us greater traceability on where things are.” she says.

This access to information means accountability across the business.

“Now, we can see the overarching picture. It’s almost a sense of taking a breath – you can trust that the number is right, instead of having to check it. There’s so much more it can do for us,” she adds.



  • Manual spreadsheets wasting time

  • No integration between the company’s multiple entities

  • Lack of inventory control and oversight costing the company money

  • Little and difficult traceability



  • Automated reports save hours each month

  • Integration between entities gives unprecedented accountability

  • Tighter inventory control delivers immediate cost savings

  • Touch-of-a-button traceability   


MYOB Exo Case Studies


"We must have saved 20 hours a week alone handling our distribution process.”

We’re big on manufacturing. Just ask Nippy’s Juices.


At MYOB we understand the many complexities, problems and pains of growing a manufacturing business. We also know that for every problem there’s a smart software solution. Discover how we enabled Nippy’s Juices to squeeze more efficiencies and productivity out of the business, improve workflow management, processes and supply chain, helping make their business one of South Australia’s most successful.




Talk to just about anyone about fresh juice and the name Nippy’s comes to mind. Founded in the Riverland of South Australia in the early 1930s, Nippy’s is one of those great Australian companies still doing what it does best – delivering fresh produce to the people of Australia. Last year, Nippy’s produced and delivered over 10 million bottles of fresh juice around Australia.


The Problem 

Existing software was putting the squeeze on growth


For several years, Nippy's had been using two accounting systems side by side. These systems worked but Nippy's simply outgrew the pair of them. They needed data to be readily available across the business, not just at the top, and their existing systems couldn't manage that.


The Solution

Introduce some ‘big picture’ thinking


Enter MYOB Exo with functionality tailored to their specific needs, including advanced reporting capabilities, multiple access, distribution work flows, good stock control and bill of materials. As a result, Nippy’s was able to simplify many processes. like being able track deliveries, payments and reimbursements for all of their self-employed distributors who deliver juice all over Australia. A complicated and time consuming task is now simple, saving time and helping to improve the bottom line.


The Outcome 

All the data in one place


The real value for Nippy’s has been the consolidation of the group’s operations into one financial package. Nippy’s now have all their vital information in one place. This means anybody at Nippy’s can dip into the system and pull out what they need, whenever they need it, having a profound effect on how information on sales and stock is shared around the business. Also, the ability to access information centrally has totally transformed the workflow at Nippy’s while access to up-to-date information has revolutionised stock keeping and reporting.



  • Two accounting systems that couldn't talk to each other

  • Lots of manual information inputting for deliveries

  • Critical information in separate silos


  • Consolidated financials and seamless integration company-wide

  • Data workload has been reduced by 20-plus hours a week

  • Clear insight into all areas of our business all

- - - 


Daiwa Food

"Where other systems would have struggled to integrate, MYOB EXO sits happily alongside."

Implementation success story, almost overnight


With the rise in popularity of Japanese cuisine, Daiwa Food Corporation is now recognised as one of the major importers and distributors of Japanese food for the retail, catering and hospitality industries across Victoria. Daiwa has experienced such growth in recent years that in 2006, it opened a second office in Wingfield in South Australia. However, with a huge range of customers and an extensive warehouse, managing the sales, stock and resupply of literally thousands of products is an enormous task.

The Problem

Desperately seeking a replacement


Daiwa had been using 2Clix for general stock management. Under the weight of their increasing stock list however, the system was struggling to return timely and up-to-date information on what was in the warehouse. There were a number of other issues too, according to Vicky Li, Daiwa’s System Administrator, not least of which was that 2Clix didn’t easily integrate with Daiwa’s existing accounting software. And that meant unnecessary duplication.


In the end, it was the sudden expiry of Daiwa’s licence that put an end to the relationship with 2Clix. Daiwa found themselves having to find an integrated stock management and general accounting system that would feed them genuine business intelligence and speed up the overall sales order process, all in a matter of weeks.

The Solution

Entrusting your business to a safe pair of hands


Daiwa’s Director, Charles Pai, first heard about MYOB Exo Business from a colleague. He decided to investigate things further and called MYOB. “We got the feeling MYOB Exo might be the product for us,” says Li. “They really took the time to get to know what it was we wanted out of MYOB Exo, which was a great comfort, given that we had some quite specific requirements.”


“They really took the time to get to know what it was we wanted out of MYOB Exo.”


Introducing MYOB Exo on a “play station”


User acceptance testing (UAT) is key to the approach. Using a trial database, or as Li refers to it, “our playstation.” An environment was created where users could familiarise themselves with the software and experience MYOB Exo’s functionality and usability first hand.


Aside from being a valuable training tool, UAT is a critical part of the discussion process. It gives staff an opportunity to verify that MYOB Exo has been configured to their requirements, the chance to gather feedback and modify the system accordingly.


“The trial version really made a difference to us,” says Li. “And because we’d used it to iron out most of the issues, implementation was relatively simple – for us at least!” The basic installation was completed in two days.


Other important influences


In the early weeks, Li says MYOB Exo took a bit of getting used to, at least for some staff. “Because I’ve got a background in IT, I took to it straight away. But for others less used to computer systems, the learning curve was steeper.”


Three months down the line, it’s a different story. Now that everybody understands how MYOB Exo works, they’re “really happy with it”, according to Li – so much so that they’ve now bought a number of additional licences. “Even relatively small features are noticeable by comparison,” she adds. “We can run a Google-type search on all our stock which makes finding a single product less like looking for a needle in a haystack.”


MYOB Exo’s reports have really made a difference too, according to Li. “Because you can pinpoint almost any area of the business for closer scrutiny, certain reports have really helped us get a better understanding of the nuts and bolts of our organisation. They’ve shown us areas that need attention and areas that are performing really rather well.”


“You can pinpoint almost any area of the business for closer scrutiny.”


Building a pantry list


MYOB Exo’s benefit to Daiwa is not just in its standalone capabilities. Its compatibility with third party software means that users aren’t forced into an all-or-nothing scenario. Instead, information from MYOB Exo’s database can be disseminated around the organisation and accessed in a number of different ways.


Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the use of Symphony. Symphony is Daiwa’s pride and joy sales and ordering system – a system that plays a key role in upholding Daiwa’s customer service commitments. It works by building likely shopping lists for each of Daiwa’s customers based on their previous sales history. Because, nine times out of ten, customers order the same products, all the telesales operators have to do once they’re on the phone is key in the required number of items alongside the list. The process saves them – and the customers – countless hours on the phone.


So where does MYOB Exo fit in to this? Well, it’s from MYOB Exo’s database that Symphony gets its customers’ sales history. And it’s through MYOB Exo that stock is requested from the warehouse. “Where other systems would have struggled to integrate, MYOB Exo sits happily alongside. Of course there was some tweaking required, but in practice the benefits are there for all to see,” says Li.


“Where other systems would have struggled to integrate, MYOB Exo sits happily alongside.”

“Ultimately, MYOB Exo’s about control. It’s about showing you the business and giving you the intelligence to make informed decisions. “That,” says Li, “gives us a real edge over our competitors."


“That gives us a real edge over our competitors.”

The Outcome 

Clearer costing, minute to minute


For Daiwa, the biggest improvement they’ve seen from MYOB Exo is in regard to costing. “When we were running 2Clix, accounting and inventory were two disconnected processes. But with MYOB Exo, we can have both integrated into a single database and that means we can track stock and costs as one workflow.


“It means our information on costs is absolutely up to the minute – we don’t have to make adjustments based on inaccurate stock levels,” continues Li. MYOB Exo has also improved Daiwa’s costing accuracy by allowing them to factor in exchange rate fluctuations.


“We have a lot of overseas suppliers so exchange rate fluctuations can sometimes alter costs quite substantially. By knowing what our true costs are, we can factor in those fluctuations on a daily basis and spread the impact a little more evenly.” Li says Daiwa now has much better visibility on debtors too and, where necessary, the ability to put a stop on credit at the touch of a button.




  • Existing system was struggling to return timely and up-to-date information on what was in the warehouse

  • The existing system didn’t easily integrate with current accounting software which caused duplication

  • Needed a system that provided genuine business intelligence and speed up the overall sales order process.


  • Better understanding of the nuts and bolts of the organisation

  • Information from MYOB Exo’s database can be disseminated around the organisation and accessed in different ways

  • Integrated into a single database means stock and costs can be tracked as one workflow 

  • Information on costs is absolutely up to the minute

  • Improvements to Daiwa’s costing accuracy by allowing them to factor in exchange rate fluctuations

  • Increased visibility on debtors too.

- - - 

Koshi Sushi

"MYOB Exo helps us reduce waste and labour expenses, and so keep our prices competitive."

EXO Puts sushi business on a roll


Koshi Sushi started in 1998 when its present owners saw an opportunity to tap into a growing market for healthy convenience food. A successful manufacturing and distribution business, Koshi Sushi supplies packaged sushi products to cafes, restaurants and hotels across Victoria, Canberra and New South Wales. Although they have no retail outlets, Koshi Sushi is one of the largest sushi makers in Melbourne, using a semi-automated production system capable of producing over 20,000 pieces of sushi daily. Koshi Sushi employs more than 30 staff and has a customer base of around 400 active accounts.

The Problem

Integration a top priority


When Koshi Sushi’s present owners took over in 2009, it was using two business systems: a basic MYOB accounting package and a piece of proprietary software developed for the company, which consolidated the daily orders so production staff would know how much of each product they had to make.


“We had an Access database in the background to get our bill of materials based on all the ingredients,” explains Managing Director, Terry Riadis. “From its information we could tell how much rice we had to cook and the other ingredients we had to prepare, then how to package them for each customer.


“Double entry of data became a major concern for us as our sales doubled and then doubled again. The orders had to be keyed into the proprietary software and then again into MYOB so we could do our invoicing. The workload and the risk of errors were getting too high. Also, I couldn’t get the reports I needed to make key decisions. It took me hours of manual spreadsheet work to get the KPIs I wanted to measure. That’s when I decided to look for a system that could integrate invoicing, accounting and production.”


“It took me hours of manual spreadsheet work to get the KPIs I wanted to measure.”

The Solution

Choosing MYOB Exo


“At the time I went looking for an integrated system I didn’t know Exo existed,” Riadis continues. “It was by chance that our accountant mentioned it to me, and recommended that I contact their MYOB Exo partner to do a demonstration. We found that what Exo can do is great value for money compared to other packages on offer.”


Exo’s easy adaptability was another bonus; a customisation gave Koshi the ability to enter in the sales, then take all the information from those orders and consolidate them, so it knows what it has to make, the quantities, and who’s placed the orders. Details of delivery runs, which used to be on a separate spreadsheet, have also been integrated into the system. Koshi is now able to report and calculate on three levels: ingredients, items, and products. “Combining Exo’s flexibility and sophistication with our experience of customers who have recurring orders, we feel we can offer the service, production and manufacturing sectors a range of options to deliver major benefits.”


MYOB Exo Employer Service was also purchased by Koshi Sushi, enabling the direct posting of payroll details to the General Ledger – eliminating another error risk.


“What Exo can do is great value for money compared to other packages on offer.

The Outcome

Everything in one place


Koshi Sushi now has all its information in one database, which has halved entry time, and with it the risk of errors. Exo gives production staff the information they need to fill their orders, eliminating the need for manual calculations.


From Terry’s point of view, those hours spent manipulating spreadsheets to monitor business performance are history.


“I can instantly get information to help me measure and control certain KPIs and control financial performance better,” he says. “I can measure on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This visibility has improved our productivity.


“MYOB Exo helps us reduce waste and labour expenses, and so keep our prices competitive. For the future we’re planning to add new product lines, and we’re confident we have a flexible, fully integrated business to handle further growth, it’s a one-stop shop.”


“MYOB Exo helps us reduce waste and labour expenses, and so keep our prices competitive.



  • Lack of visibility hampered decision-making.

  • Getting reports was a time-consuming process.

  • Double entry brought heavy workload and risk of errors.


  • Better control of costs means prices stay competitive

  • Reports easy to generate, providing visibility of KPIs across the business

  • Flexibility gained in filling regular orders and last-minute changes

  • All data now available on the spot from one place

  • Double entry eliminated, halving administration work

- - - 


Juicy Isle


Giving Juicy Isle the flexibility and power to grow


Managing a multi-million dollar manufacturing empire is no easy task. Flexibility, power and the ability to access data whenever it’s required are key. Juicy Isle didn’t have those capabilities until it switched over to MYOB EXO. Now, with the possibility of giving access to multiple users, a stable platform, flexible data and powerful warehouse management means the company can manage distribution and deliver products far and wide.



  • Unstable platform causing delays

  • Limited number of users allowed on platform

  • Inflexible data sources


  • Stable, powerful platform gives consistency

  • Multiple users allowed to access EXO at one time

  • Flexible and powerful data provides greater insights

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