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ERP for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is a highly competitive industry. ERP software systems gives your business the ability to outcompete your competitors and streamline all of your business processes into one place. 

In hospitality, the ultimate goal is to bring patrons into your establishment. To achieve this, you need to balance a number of processes simultaneously including: staff, stock, finances and multiple venues or properties. Your business may run a number of hotels, bars, RSL clubs, pubs or restaurants that require streamlined and coordinated back-end systems to allow you to divide responsibilities between staff, enhance customer service, improve in-house operations and manage your financial and business decisions with detailed reporting.


MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based ERP system that is a perfect solution for medium to large businesses. It is designed to increase the efficiency of your business processes and operations.  MYOB Advanced is fully customisable and able to grow with your business. MYOB Advanced has a number of hospitality specific features that can benefit your business.

Finance Features Streamline Business Managment

Manage your finances
  • Powerful financial and accounting management functionality to allow faster and more accurate decision making

  • Flexible General Ledger (GL)

  • Keep track of multiple locations, countries and currencies

  • Real-time dashboards to monitor key KPIs

  • Customisable report dashboards: POS, balance sheets and cash flow

  • Take the guess work out of tracking BAS and GST

  • Manage multiple ABNs and businesses under a group company

  • Simplified accounting, tax management and banking

Centralised Management System

  • Centralise all of your business processes into one system to easily delegate and track tasks e.g. room service, HR and inventory 

  • Manage suppliers, employees, customers, bills and invoices all in one system so you never lose track of your business

  • Increase productivity with real time room availability and check-ins

  • Connect and integrate with existing systems e.g. online booking systems 

  • View overall occupancy rates, room status and predict  future trends with greater accuracy and ease

Seamlessly manage business processes
Collaborate and communicate with staff

Increased Efficiency

  • Streamline workflow and make life easier by operating multiple processes in one place 

  • Easy reservation management by merging records into one place

  • View business performance with ease and streamline reporting associated with multiple locations

  • Enhance front desk efficiency by ensuring all reception staff have what they need in one place  

Improve Customer Service

  • Customer services are the lifeblood of the hospitality industry

  • Manage and address customer needs to ensure improvements are made so customers keep coming back

  • Personalise your service by tracking your guest's preferences and gain insights to their stay

  • Drive more sales by offering targeted deals to your customers 

Understand your business
Increase profits with ERP

Powerful Modules

  • Easy to use core features with powerful functionality

  • Simplified challenges hospitality managers are faced with, including: purchases, Payroll and HR, inventory, distribution, distribution, CRM and finance

  • The possibilities are endless... contact us to find out more!

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