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Tired of Struggling with Project Management?

You need MYOB Advanced Business, a leading ERP system designed to remove the headache of business management.

Inaccurate Budget & Forecasting Ends Now

Are you fed up with the stress of budget overruns and unexpected expenses which leave your profits uncertain?

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Inaccurate budget forecasting, poor cost control and unforeseen expenses contribute to budget overruns, negatively impacting profitability and project success

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MYOB Advanced offers robust budget control and forecasting capabilities that enable project managers to accurately forecast project costs, track expenses in real-time and implement cost control measures to prevent budget overruns and maximise profits

Stop Relying on Poor Project Visibility

Are you struggling to track project progress? Or constantly feel like you are in the dark about resource allocation and budget?

Difficulty obtaining real-time visibility into project progress, resource allocation and budget utilisation leads to challenges tracking project status and making informed decisions.

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MYOB Advanced integrates project management functionalities with core business processes such as: accounting, sales and inventory management.

Financial Report

You'll gain a single platform for your project data and enable real time visibility into your project status, resource allocation and budget utilisation!

Over-reliance on Repetitive Manual Processes

Do you find yourself drowning in manual processes, spreadsheets and disjointed systems?

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Reliance on manual processes, spreadsheets and disparate systems for project management tasks increases risk of errors, delays and inefficiencies, hindering productivity and project success.

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MYOB Advanced automates project management tasks and workflows to reduce reliance on manual processes and increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy in project execution.

Frustrating Scope Creep

Does constant expansion of project requirements leave you overwhelmed and struggling to keep other projects on track?

Project requirements expand beyond the initial scope, resulting in delays, budget overruns and dissatisfied customers.

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MYOB Advanced offers features for effective scope management, which allows project managers to define, track and manage project requirements and changes.

This allows you to minimise scope creep and ensures the project is deliverable to stakeholders expectations.

Inadequate Risk Management

Have you lost sleep as a result of unexpected project risks?

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Inadequate risk identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies result in project delays, disruptions and failures which lead to financial losses and damage to reputation.

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MYOB Advanced has told for identifying, assessing and mitigating project risks to enable project managers to proactively manage risk throughout the product lifecycle and minimise the impact of potential disruptions on project success.

Inefficient Resource Allocation

Are you constantly battling with inefficient resource allocation and consequently missing deadlines or overworking your employees?

Manual or decentralised processes for assigning and managing resources result in overallocation or underutilisation of resources, which leads to delays, inefficiencies and increased costs.

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MYOB Advanced offers a robust resource planning and allocation tool that assists project managers in efficiently assigning and managing resources based on availability, skills and project requirements.

This ensures your resources are utilised correctly… minimising costly overallocation or underutilisation!

Poor Communication Channels

Frustrated by costly mistakes and delays as a result of miscommunication within your business?

Ineffective communication channels and siloed information and hinder collaboration among team members, stakeholders and project managers, which leads to misunderstanding, delays and errors.

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MYOB Advanced facilitates collaboration and communication among team members, stakeholders and project portals, document management and communication tools to enable seamless communication and information sharing across the entire company

MYOB Advanced Business: An Project Management ERP System

MYOB Advanced Business is a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that connects every part of your business end-to-end to support business growth. Integrate job costing and project management with financial management to CRM to service management and sales orders to provide real-time coordination across your entire business. Combined with MYOB Advanced Payroll you can have centralised payroll and workforce management with ERP on a single cloud platform.


MYOB Advanced Business is built, developed, and supported in Australia and New Zealand, and supports mid-sized organisations across a range of industries. MYOB Advanced Construction supports general contractors, home builders, land developers and subcontractors (relating to residential and commercial construction). Construction businesses that have either outgrown their accounting software due to ongoing growth or who would like to move from desktop ERP, all look to MYOB Advanced Business as their next step.


With MYOB Advanced Business, you can manage your projects with ease anywhere, anytime on any device. For businesses who lack visibility across projects, have trouble in accurately tracking costs and have multiple project deadlines – MYOB Advanced Business is the cloud ERP platform that provides real-time progress updates and project visibility. Be able to generate accurate estimates and accurately track costs as well. Have complete oversight of projects so that issues are caught quickly resulting in fewer projects going over schedule.

MYOB Advanced Project Management Key Features

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Reach a new level of efficiency, accuracy and control with MYOB Advanced

Check out the free demo to discover how MYOB Advanced can turn your project management challenges into a smoothly automated reality.

9 Key Benefits of MYOB Advanced Business

Centralised Cloud Platform

Manage business end-to-end including finance, customer management, projects and reporting from one central system.

Meet Business Needs

Easily connect other apps to MYOB Advanced Business from our ecosystem of partners including Procore to customise the cloud ERP platform to meet your unique business needs.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Contractors, builders and developers can access project information and make updates anywhere, anytime on any device.

Enhance Collaboration

Collaborate effectively and improve communication with all onsite and office teams having access to the same real-time updates.

Real-time Project Visibility

Make insight-driven decisions and spot issues quickly with complete real-time visibility including real-time field updates.

Automate Processes

Automate manual processes and achieve greater productivity, reducing errors, duplication of work and delays.

Focus on the Project

Leverage MYOB Advanced Business for document management of plans, contracts, specifications, submittals, emails, change orders, photos, spreadsheets, inspection reports and more.

Forecast & Estimate Costs

Accurately forecast and manage costs to ensure the project is staying to budget and prevent future jobs going overbudget and better manage client expectations.

Support Business Growth

MYOB Business scales as your business grows. As you acquire more customers, more projects and more locations, MYOB Advanced Business is ready to grow with you.

Ready to take control of your project management and stop the headache?

We’ve got you!

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