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MYOB Advanced

Development and Customisation

MYOB is fully customisable, allowing it to adapt to your growing business and changing environment. Our expert programmers are proficient in producing a quality product that enables your business and ERP software to continue to grow together, preventing you from buying a new software solution when your business outgrows its current solution. 

Integrated Logic can customise requirements for our clients and increase efficiency of your business processes and operations. MYOB can be developed to be specific to your industry and can be customised with add-ons that fit seamlessly into your software system to make your business run smoothly. These add-ons range from Job Management, Hospitality, Advanced Reporting, Business Intelligence and Accounting Tools. Find out more about our 3rd Party Integrations

Within MYOB Advanced Business and Exo, there are endless ways to customise and develop the software to suit and fit into your business seamlessly. 


We can create the following to fit in with specific business requirements:

  • Custom Screens can be designed and launched from within MYOB in areas, such as: Sales Orders or Job Orders. These screens can allow specific business information to be captured or perform specific calculations to be performed, including Information Capture Screens for manufacturing clients

  • Triggers & Stored Procedures can be added to the database to pass and calculate information 'behind the scenes'

  • Advanced Report Writing enables your business reports, inquiries and pivots to be managed and written efficiently with advanced SQL Development which can be seamlessly integrated into your software

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