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ERP software for Manufacturing Industry

Efficiently manage entire business end-to-end using one system

All manufacturing businesses rely on measurements that monitor business activities, performance, document successes and challenges, which all assist in directing effective and efficient decision-making. However, an information overload can cause problems and ultimately limit your ability to make efficient decisions if key data is hidden amongst a large amount of other data.

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MYOB Advance has developed a dashboard that provides an at-a-glance overview to help you target business growth opportunities and analyse challenges faced by your business. These dashboards can be tailored to suit the needs of unique users based on their position. This data allows you to plan the optimum use of your available resources to minimise overproduction and reduce uncertainty in your planning schedule by gaining insight into your workflow and resource utilisation. This lowers your costs and minimises overtime while improving on-time completions to ensure your business is reliable to its clients.

Your business can expect from MYOB Advanced

Increase profit with ERP
  • Streamline your business processes

    • ​Efficiently plan and coordinate production and resource management, your sales and finances from one central, real-time system

  • Improve cost tracking

    • Track and manage material and labour costs and planned production costs

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Balance supply and demand

    • Optimise inventory and resources for effectiveness and cost control

  • Insight driven decision making

    • Real-time visibility across your business to allow you to make informed decisions with accurate data to grow your business

  • Integrate manufacturing, inventory management and accounting to ensure you can manage your manufacturing processes efficiently

Features Specific to the Manufacturing Industry

  • Bill of material (BOM)

  • Routing

  • Works Order Management

  • Scheduling

  • Labour Tracking

  • Production Management

  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)

  • Production Performance

  • Product Configurator

Manage manufacturing business processes with ERP
ERP for manufacturing industry

Production Management and Material Billing

  • Capture total manufacturing costs, including: materials, labour, tool, overhead or outside process 

  • Multiple scheduling options for forward and backward manufacturing 

  • Monitor and manage performance with detailed reports

Increase understanding of your business with MYOB Advanced

Planning and Product Configuration

  • Create new configured order by copying and modifying existing order or quote 

  • Demand and supply- create production and purchase orders directly from planning screen 

  • Multilevel planning to ensure requirements are satisfied to allow smooth production operations

  • enhanced manufacturing planning 

MYOB Advanced is designed to suit the manufacturing industry. It is a cloud-based system that offers connectivity, integration, security, scalability and capacity that is necessary to make your data accessible at whenever and wherever you need it. Integrated Logic is able to customise your system to ensure it is able to provide the insights that your company requires to grow.

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