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MYOB Advanced People

Where modern payroll meets streamlined HR Management Solution

HR Management: MYOB Advanced People

Cloud-Based Payroll for Bigger Business

MYOB Advanced People is a modern, full featured online payroll solution developed on the MYOB Advanced Platform. It’s perfect for leading edge businesses who want to take advantage of a modern payroll solution that is embedded within the same platform as your ERP to further simplify your business processes and improve efficiencies.

An enhanced system that is fully customisable to the unique needs of your business

ERP systems designed for HR management

Why MYOB Advanced People?

MYOB Advanced is a cloud business management platform that’s transforming the way for many businesses with an integrated ERP solution that features an easy-to-use payroll module. MYOB Advanced People is a scalable and secure cloud payroll management solution that allows you to stay up-to-date with new tax changes. This solution gives you the tools to easily track and manage staff information and provides your employees with an online self-service system. 


This product can also be used as a stand-alone payroll solution and is fully customisable based on your business requirements.


Benefits of Advanced People

  • Incredibly flexible: MYOB Advanced People is a feature packed payroll solution that has powerful pay item and entitlement functions, catering to many employees needs. It allows for multiple employee pay groups.

  • Designed with integration in mind: MYOB Advanced People has streamlined pay processes that save time and effort when paying employees, with GL journals and payment batches automatically generated. Advanced People provides information to users in interactive forms without the need to print information out to paper based reports. Payroll transactions, entitlement accruals and tax liabilities are displayed on-screen, saving time and effort reconciling amounts for both employee pays and government reporting obligations.

  • Simplified compliance: Tax compliance for both Australia and New Zealand is made easy with our online tax engine. This means tax rates and thresholds are maintained by MYOB and these changes automatically flow through to you. Rest easy knowing you will always be using the latest rates as defined by the ATO and IRD.

  • Modern fully featured cloud payroll solution, secure and can be accessed from anywhere via a browser

  • Empower employees to access and update their details, request leave, review payslips via browser OR mobile application (iOS and Android)

As a Stand Alone Product

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access for employers and employees

  • Powerful configuration options, catering to many employee scenarios

  • Enterprise grade security and browser based access

  • Superior reporting; users can create and publish personalised dashboards or manipulate live data outside the software using OData functionality

  • Simplified compliance, Advanced People includes a MYOB first: our Data Calculation Engine (DCE) a tax engine which calculates employee tax and superannuation automatically 

  • Integration with MYOB PaySuper service to simply superannuation contribution payments

  • Pay and entitlement history recorded and easily accessible

  • Termination workflow that simplifies final payment for resignations and redundancy payments

  • Enhanced reporting, GL journals, transaction history, audit tracking and more

  • Powerful configuration options catering to many employee payment scenarios

  • Fully integrated with MYOB Advanced Business (Cloud ERP) or can operate as a standalone payroll solution

Powerful Payroll Management

MYOB Advanced People lets you configure employees with a wide variety of pay items, including multiple income types and hourly rates. MYOB Advanced People processes a wide variety of employee pay frequencies including weekly, fortnightly and monthly pays. It also allows for the simultaneous processing of multiple pay groups at once.

Employers can track and calculate regulated leave entitlements across Australia and New Zealand including annual, sick & alternative, shift leave, parental leave, personal leave and long service, as well as the ability to create and track custom leave entitlements.

Payroll administrators can leverage automated workflows, generating GL journals and payment batch files. This saves your Payroll team valuable time when workflows are automated.

Pay workflow runs through, time entry, variable entry, GL posting, payment creation, tax agency submission and payslip distribution.

Distribution of employee payslips has never been easier. With MYOB Advanced People and Workforce Management, you can host employee payslips via employee self-service app or the web or by email with password protection. Push notifications are delivered once new payslips are published. With Workforce Management, any important documents uploaded to your employee record such as contracts can be viewed on the web or via the app.

Payroll Compliance Made Easy

MYOB Advanced People manages tax rate updates with minimum fuss, so you no longer need to as you are always using the latest tax rates. MYOB Advanced People provides information to users in interactive forms reducing the need to print information out to paper.

With Workforce Management, Smart Roster automation will instantly fill shifts with staff who are available and have the right skills while also following Award compliance rules. Award compliance begins with real-time Award calculation as you build your roster, to help ensure every shift is compliant before it is worked, and data that is accurately calculated before it reached payroll.


  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) pay submission including update & employee finalisation processes, TFN declaration and termination of employee contract.

  • Automatic tax updates that adhere to ATO specifications.

  • Manage regulatory superannuation guarantee payments including the ability to set minimum or maximum thresholds.

  • Configure and calculate salary sacrifice contributions.

  • Online SuperStream reporting solution (only available for single entity companies) or upload compliant SuperStream files which generates an upload file for each entity and can then be uploaded to the employer’s superannuation clearing house.

  • Termination feature that aids in determining final pay calculations including notice period payments or deductions as based on the Fair Work National Employment Standards (NES) and minimum redundancy payments. Correct categorisation, taxation and reporting of payments.

  • The ability for employers to track liable WorkCover liabilities as well as Payroll Tax liabilities, and then use this report to enter details into the State Revenue Office (SRO) portal/website.

  • Banking file formats for all the main banks as well as the ability to create customisable bank files.

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