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ERP Software for the Retail Industry

Understand your retail business with the features your business needs most. MYOB Advanced provides you with market leading cloud-based software that reduces costs, improves efficiency and grow your sales.

MYOB Advanced allows you to understand your retail business. Gain a centralised view of your business to gain control of your orders, inventory and profitability by location and product. Advanced offers an economical solution for multi-location retailers and franchises. 


Some Key Features of MYOB Advanced for Retailers

Gain centralised view of your business with ERP
  • All the features retailers require in one integrated package, including: inventory management, cost management, operating costs and point of sale

  • Real-time data helps the retailer grow and improve customer service

  • Real-time reporting across multiple locations

  • Decision making around time sensitive pricing and promotions

  • Real-time reporting to allow managers to gain real-time information across multiple locations to generate reports and meaningful, efficient analysis 

  • Stay compliant with STP 

  • Integrated customer and service management, finance and accounting, HR, supply chain, inventory management, sales and marketing 

  • Ability to integrate Xero and MYOB

Point of Sales

  • Advanced inventory management that allows you to gain a centralised view of your business

  • Make smarter purchasing decisions that are based on real-time data to prevent over or under-stocking and increase profitability

  • Integrate your sales environment to gain a centralised view of your business 

  • Gain a complete view of your business across sales, telesales and retail sale operations

  • Optimise inventory, ordering and profitability

  • Real-time information on orders, inventory levels, back-end processes allows retailers to manage their business processes better

Seamlessly integrate retail business processes

Cost Management

Understand your retail business with ERP
  • Stay on top of your cashflow, inventory and invoices easily

  • Manage processes, improve your sales forecast and improve customer relationship management to ultimately increase profitability

  • Control cashflow and back accounts

    • Plan and budget so you're never out of pocket​

    • Track, adjust and reorder your inventory when you need it so you never miss an order 

    • Manage customer and supplier invoices on the go to get paid faster 

    • Manage employees in one place to create rosters and approve time sheets 

    • Sync data to software and automate payroll

Inventory Management

  • Automate inventory processes to save time and minimise errors from human data entry

  • Make informed decisions and improve management of inventory through a number of outlets and warehouse locations 

  • Optimise inventory, ordering and sales

  • Unlimited user involves employees, partners and customers 

  • Automate all business processes to span multiple locations 

  • Make informed decisions regarding: ordering, pricing, promotions and inventory overhead

Automate inventory processes: save time and minimise error
Maximise your ROI with MYOB Advanced

Sales and Marketing

  • Streamline your entire business processes and gain insight into what your customers want to ensure you are meeting their demands 

  • Better analysis in planning future products, services and promotions

  • Synchronise current and historical data to serve your customers better

    • This provides your team with the ability to make product and services suggestions 

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