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MYOB Advanced leading ERP system

BEAM: Enterprise Maintenance &

Asset Management Integration for MYOB Advanced

BEAM Enterprise Asset & Maintenance Management

Enterprise Asset & Maintenance Management System

BEAM Enterprise Asset & Maintenance Management Software, helps you manage all asset types (machinery, equipment, facilities, buildings, vehicles) on a single platform with a single point of control.

Benefits and Features

BEAM contains many valuable features for you and your business. 

  • Extend lifetime of your corporate assets and allows you to take control of them

  • Reduce maintenance and spare part inventory costs


  • ​Increase efficiency and productivity to continuously improve your business


  • Vertical-Free integrated asset and maintenance management software for any industry


  • Support corporate governance and complies with regulatory standards digitally

  • ​BEAM helps companies adapt changing times in the face of COVID-19 for remote work, setting performance criteria and performance management

  • Cloud friendly

  • Multiple locations, languages and currencies

Practices of BEAM

  • Asset management​

  • Periodic maintenance


  • Preventive maintenance


  • Predictive maintenance

  • Spare part management,

  • Facility management,

  • Energy management,

  • Plant maintenance management,

  • Armory asset and maintenance management,

  • Commercial drone fleet management,

  • Electric vehicle fleet management,

  • Fleet maintenance management.

What is BEAM?

Manage Your Business In One Place 

BEAM has a modular approach to help you manage your asset and maintenance management operations and has over 30 million assets being managed by its clients. This software can be added to your existing ERP software or used as a stand alone product. 

Assets may include your: machinery, equipment, device, fleet of trucks/cars, buildings and many more.

MYOB Advanced allows you to understand your business

What does BEAM offer?

Business Management: issue work order request for incidental and protective work. Track completion and recording of maintenance activities in an effective way. 

Service Management: create service contracts, follow the scope and cost of the service received, track procedures for reporting to the next level.

Contract Management: make a comprehensive follow-up for contracts for procurement, asset leasing, warranty, labour and travel fees. 

Inventory Management: manage your inventory in a smart way. 

We Understand every business is different

Integrated Logic is available to help you choose the ERP solution most suited to your business needs, saves you time and money. Your software can scale up to a more rigorous edition as your business grows, this will ensure you are only paying for the features you use.

BEAM integrates seamlessly with MYOB Advanced

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