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QDMS: An Integrated Quality, Risk, Audit & Compliance Management Integration for MYOB Advanced

QDMS, an MYOB Advanced Integration

Quality, Risk and Compliance Management

Productivity is at the heart of business success, because it relates to the goods and services an organisation brings to market. Since efficient productivity is what leads to sales and surpluses, the concept is directly related to bottom-line profitability. Quality and profitability go hand in hand. QDMS means profitability.


QDMS contains many valuable features for you and your business. 

  • User Friendly

  • Works on the cloud and on-premise. It can be accessed anywhere with internet 

  • QDMS has a mobile app for iOS and Android 


  • Role-based security available


  • Modular structure helps you buy any quality module you need


  • Creates corporate memory and data pool


  • Helps you assign tasks and monitor


  • Makes it easy to comply with ISO, SQF, BRC, BRC iop, and more.

  • Take control of your business management operations in a paperless and digital work environment

  • Comply with quality management standards digitally

  • Be ready for getting audited anytime

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

  • Have continuous improvement at your company.

  • Have a Vertical-Free integrated management software for any industry

  • QDMS supports corporate governance and increases efficiency

  • QDMS helps companies adapt changing times in the face of COVID-19 for remote work, setting performance criteria and performance management​​​​​​

  • Multiple locations, currencies and languages

  • 1000+ corporate clients and over 1 million professional users​​

Major Modules

  • Controlled document management module


  • Internal customer complaint module


  • External customer complaint module

  • ​Corrective action module (CAPA)


  • Non-conformity management module


  • Root-Cause analysis module


  • Action management module


  • Management review module


  • Audit management module


  • Training module


  • Calibration module


  • Incident management module


  • Survey management module


  • Suggestion management module


  • Process risk management module


  • Project risk management module


  • Aviation risk management module


  • Environment risk management module

  • IT asset management module


  • FMEA


  • MSDS


  • Quality control

What is QDMS?

Manage Your Business In One Place 

QDMS is a management system solution friendly to your business, developed to realise targeted quality. QDMS management systems eliminates dependency on individuals in your processes and opens the doors to becoming different and leader for you with its system approach.

Grow your business with ERP


QDMS helps you automate quality management operations in a digital environment with no need of paper-based documents. It is a management system solution friendly to your business, developed to help you reach targeted quality. QDMS management system eliminates dependency on individuals in your processes.

Many of the clients have reported increased quality of products & services and continuous improvement. QDMS is scalable and supports businesses with 100 employees to businesses with over 10,000 employees.

It offers

  • Controlled Document Management: Quick, easy and reliable document management

  • Compliant Management: Continuous improvement with smart customer satisfaction management

  • Corrective and Preventative Activity Management: Record and efficiently manage nonconformities

  • Action Management: Assign tasks and QDMS will monitor

  • Risk Management: Support your experience with methodology

  • Survey Management: Design quickly, evaluate fast!

  • Calibration Management: Your measurement devices are under control

  • Training Management: Demand, monitor, measure effectiveness

  • Suggestion Management: Hear suggestions for continuous improvement!

  • Event Notification: Standardised management in events and accidents

  • Legislation Management: A corporation abiding legislation and laws

  • Material Safety Data Sheet: Manage your chemicals with safety

  • On-site and Periodic Examination: Inspection in compliant with Health and Safety Requirements Regulation

  • Subcontractor Working Permit Monitoring: Increase Quality with Controlled Management

  • OHS Board Management: Manage your board meetings with QDMS!

  • Supplier Evaluation: Determine capable suppliers for product and service quality

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