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MYOB Advanced a leading ERP system

Ensemble: An Intelligent Business Process Modelling 

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Process, Strategy and Performance Management System

Companies that need to succeed in today’s business environment need to be prepared to face new realities. Globalisation has removed country borders. Competition area is the whole world for companies… Ensemble can help you.


Ensemble contains many valuable features for you and your business. 

  • Design and manage your business processes digitally

  • Set, assign and manage performance

  • Monitor performance for continuous improvement


  • Increase efficiency and ​productivity

  • Have continuous improvement at your company

  • Have a Vertical-Free integrated performance management software for any industry

  • Ensemble supports corporate governance and increases efficiency

  • Ensemble helps companies adapt changing times in the face of COVID-19 for remote work, setting performance criteria and performance management​

  • Comply with regulatory standards paperless, digitally

  • Cloud-friendly

  • Support multiple currencies, locations, companies and languages


  • Business process modelling


  • Corporate performance management


  • Department performance management


  • Team performance management


  • Individual performance management

  • Balanced ScoreCard management.

Major Modules

  • Intelligent business process modelling module

  • Performance management module

  • Balanced ScoreCard management module

What is Ensemble?

Manage Your Business In One Place 

Ensemble is an intelligent business process modelling and performance management software. It has a modular approach to help you manage your corporate business models and performance management operations whether that is the company, the department, division or team performance management related operations.​

Maximise your business potential

Why Ensemble?

Ensemble will enable you to gather all departments in your corporation like a maestro and direct towards a goal in harmony on a common platform.

Competition actually takes place between processes of the companies rather than the companies themselves. Customers want results, employees desire competitive and rewarding business experience. Technology on the other hand, provides unparalleled opportunities that enable rapid growth. Succeeding in such an environment is only possible when companies focus on the processes as a strategic weapon. Those who cannot make their processes efficient and effective, those who cannot establish a process based management system are doomed to fall back in the competition and eventually vanish.

It offers: 

  • Manage your business rather than business managing you: don’t miss evolving customer needs and expectations

  • Process management for timely and high quality jobs

  • Increase your performance: easily monitor the corporation, department and individual performances through processes

  • Analyse and improve your processes, increase customer satisfaction

  • Secure compliance with legislation

  • Strong support

  • Total solution

  • Strong functionality

  • Integration with corporate systems 

  • Short project term

  • Minimum resource 

  • Minimum total acquisition cost 

MYOB Advanced integrates seamlessly with ensemble

Connect With Our Experts

We Understand every business is different

Integrated Logic is available to help you choose the MYOB Advanced solution most suited to your business needs, saves you time and money. Your software can scale up to a more rigorous edition as your business grows, this will ensure you are only paying for the features you use.

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