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Contract Manager: Powered by the eBA Platform

eBA Contract Manager, a MYOB integration

eBA Contract Manager

eBA is built on eBA Platform that is a powerful enterprise content management platform.

eBA is one of the leading workflow system including DM (Document Management) & Dashboard tools for content management. Enjoy the benefits of enterprise level content management platform while using MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP system.

The four main advantages of Contact Manager are: 

1. To create a corporate memory & digital contract library.

2. For contract version management.

3. For a systemically designed approval process (workflow) ending up with certain internal consensus of each related functions & departments.

4. For a secure & lean infrastructure.

Contract manager helps companies manage three types of contracts

  • Approval and archiving of signed contracts

  • Control, approve and signing of a template contract

  • Creation, control, approval and signing of new contract document 

eBA Contract Manager

We believe that the process of finding the right vendor is not lasting as long as the process of signing the contract. There is always a requisite to re-fill & correct the template contract and control it with various departments & related managers than sign it after consensus. In addition to this process; there is the tedious extra time spending period whilst the constant traffic of hardcopi es during the effort of finalising the content.


The endeavour usually ends up with;

  • Missing the documents

  • Recurring information and manual approval efforts

  • Invisible and hard to follow comments

  • Taking too long time in signing the contract

  • Difficulties of tracking the penalties and exceptions manually defined by the contract.

  • Uncontrolled active current vendor


eBA Contract Manager helps you create, attach and control each process of contract management with a user-friendly & dynamic form page. Also to design a template contract is easy and quick.

Typical set of content of a contract are as follows:

  • Vendor details,

  • Purchasing order details,

  • Contract details,

  • Penalty terms,

  • Warranty terms.

Contracts can be reviewed and approved based on your company’s internal structure and hierarchy. Approvals can be traced in workflow history.

Contracts can be signed with an electronic signature and alternatively with DocuSign.

Approved and signed documents can be stored on MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) and on eBA as well for future review and retrieval.

This solution has a dashboard capability to track contract management activities in real time.

We Understand every business is different

Integrated Logic is available to help you choose the ERP solution most suited to your business needs, saves you time and money. Your software can scale up to a more rigorous edition as your business grows, this will ensure you are only paying for the features you use.

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