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MYOB Advanced Solutions for Hotels
Optimising yield is hard... But it doesn't have to be. 

Integrated Logic gives general managers a single system that makes it easy to calculate all the hard numbers in hospitality. Maximising yield on rooms or food and beverage, optimising room rates or tracking ROI across multiple venues - Integrated Logic can make it a lot less painful than your old PMS, POS and Excel systems.


We have worked with:

Why Are Hotels Hard To Optimise?

Manage all aspects of hospitality in one system

Running a ​hotel is one of the toughest gigs in management. Juggling rates, occupancy, room mix, staff schedules, numbers of meals, upcoming events - not to mention fighting for leads from Wotif, Expedia, and many others. And at the end of the month, you're left wondering: did we sell as many rooms as we could? Did we get the best price?

Too many general managers are still using a spreadsheet to wrestle all these numbers into a business plan. Or they're using outdated systems that don't talk to each other. 

The planning sessions every six months take days to work through. And even then, you're still not sure you covered all the angles. For example, have you maximised your internal traffic/revenue/opportunity/upsell from the business we have had in house (minibar, restaurant, bar, etc.)?

One System That Knows All The Numbers

Integrated Logic gives each hotel a custom solution built on the MYOB Business Advanced​ business platform. We used our deep experience in hospitality, earned from running and investing in hotels, to match the software to your metrics. So, you can see at a glance how your occupancy is tracking to forecast, create rosters with the exact number of staff required, and keep an eye on budget verses actual.

MYOB Advanced can take your forecast and show you your rooms, assets, staff and sales numbers in a single dashboard for you - or multiple dashboards for all your managers. 

You will go to sleep each night knowing you achieved maximum revenue and the highest ROI. 

Manage all business processes
Collaborate and communicate efficiently

Products and Services

Quality Implementations: We design software solutions that are flexible and scalable so they can grow with your hotel or motel. ​


Customisation and Development: Our programmers can create processes specific to hospitality that will drive higher efficiency. 

Integration with other applications: We are familiar with a wide range of third-party software used by hotels that can extend the functionality of your systems.

Benefits Spotlight

Hospitality expertise on tap. Our CEO Scott Power has had years of experience advising hotels on how to optimise their performance, as a hotel investor, consultant and board member. 

All operations on a single system. Forget wrangling spreadsheets. You need a system that can track everything in one place to give you full visibility and control. 

Everyone on the same page. Sending spreadsheets never worked that well. Get real-time dashboards and flash reports for rooms, food and beverages, maintenance and engineering. 

Understand your hospitality business
Satisfied customers


  • Evaluation review of current processes

  • Decades of expertise in hotel operations 

  • Process design for optimal performance

  • Configuration included 

  • Customisation for unique processes

  • Software development 

  • Third-party integration

  • Support plans 

  • Training courses

Our Process

1. Deep ​review: we get to know your hotel

2. Discuss options, risks and benefits

3. Recommend a customised solution

4. Implement software and train your staff

5. Engage with you to get the right fit

Understand and outcompete your competitors
Hotel Restaurant

Get on top of your yield. Know your metrics. Nail that ROI.


Integrated Logic can give you back time and peace of mind. 

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