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MYOB Exo is a fully integrated ERP system designed to suit small-to-medium businesses and rapidly growing or complex businesses. Exo gives you control of your business with maximum flexibility over all of your business processes: Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management, Job Costing, Point of Sales, Fixed Assets, Analytics and Reporting.


  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) Compliant 

  • Highly configurable database

  • Fully customisable with multiple third party integrations and add-ons

  • Increase stock control 

  • Increased efficiencies and greater visibility of all business functions 

  • Manage clients, contacts and sales with Exo's CRM 

  • Exo Employer Services empowers your workforce by enabling you to streamline your payroll, manage staff leave, plan rosters, manage HR 

  • Automate manual labour and plan rosters to communicate efficiently with your employees

  • Flexible processing and reporting 

  • Large number of users across multiple locations 

  • Stricter control over the general ledger

  • High visibility over multi branches

  • Department costing

  • KPI custom general ledger reporting

  • Consolidated board reporting

  • Inter-entity transactions

  • High volume of transactions

  • Fully integrated, highly configurable e-commerce solution that is generally more cost effective than other similar softwares 

  • Design and customise your own reports

  • Centralise business processes to one database, with no duplicated data, to increase efficiency


MYOB Exo is an integrated business management and accounting software system, consisting of modules that support:​

  • MYOB Exo Finance

  • MYOB Exo Job costing

  • MYOB Exo Fixed Assets

  • MYOB Exo Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • MYOB Exo Consolidation and Intercompany Reporting

  • MYOB Exo Points of Sale

  • MYOB Exo Payroll

  • MYOB Exo Timesheets, Time and Attendance

  • MYOB Exo Employees 


​Integrated Logic offers courses that cover these modules to enable you to gain maximum value and control of you business software.

Manage Your Business In One Place That Saves You Time & Money 


Why MYOB Exo?

MYOB Exo Business is an ERP and fully integrated financial and business management software solution that is designed to suit both mid-sized and large multi-entity companies. MYOB Exo is designed with business growth in mind, allowing it to continuously meet the business needs into the future. Exo uses Microsoft SQL as its database and is Single Touch Payroll compliant. MYOB Exo is a highly configurable e-commerce solution that centralises your business processes to one database with no duplicated or lost information. 


Integrated Logic can review your full business needs from a systems and accounting view to understand your business needs and recommend if MYOB Exo is right for your business. Our expert programmers are available to assist in maximising efficiency of your software through seamless integration of customised add-ons to your software to enable it to achieve your business goals. We are able to repair Exo accounting issues and provide Exo systems and management accounting on a regular basis. Clarity reports, forms and table queries can also be fully managed by Integrated Logic. 


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