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Integrated Logic are proud to be a leading implementer of MYOB Advanced Business and MYOB Exo in Australia. We pride ourselves on top quality implementation of MYOB software solutions that are designed to meet your business needs and aim to increase your business efficiencies. MYOB products are high quality and have low risk implementation.

Integrated Logic aspires to achieve perfect implementation of our client's software system every time. We achieve this by getting to know your business, its current ERP system or equivalent and your future goals before recommending an innovative solution (MYOB Advanced or Exo) suited to your business. We talk about your options and explain the risks and benefits for each before recommending a solution that we believe would benefit your business the most. We will ask you questions based on your current ERP systems to understand the limitations of the system you would like to remove with a new system suited to your requirements. All of our MYOB products are able to be customised with 3rd Party Integrations and add-ons.

Integrated Logic aims to engage you in the implementation process to allow you to learn about the system and know what to expect when the system is fully implemented. While we offer support plans to assist you after implementation, Integrated Logic aims to help you become self-sufficient in your chosen MYOB product so you can gain the maximum benefits of your software which can be further enhanced through our MYOB Advanced Business and Exo training courses. 

Integrated Logic can help choose the right MYOB Advanced Business system for your business. We implement our systems with exceptional quality. MYOB Advanced can be implemented into your business to maintain flexibility and scalability allowing your software to grow with your business and offer continued support.  

MYOB Exo is a highly configurable business and accounting software system, which can be implemented seamlessly into your business. Integrated Logic offers quality implementation of MYOB software so it will fit immaculately into your business. 3rd Party Integrations are also available for Exo to meet your business requirements.  

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