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OpenCart: an MYOB Advanced Integration

Link your OpenCart with an ERP system to automate vital business processes and data entry. This reduces costly manual entry errors that occur when you have to enter the same data or product list across a number of different platforms. ERP systems are able to integrate your OpenCart store to automatically syncs data and enables bi-directional data exchange between your business platforms to streamline your business processes and manage your inventory efficiently. 

OpenCart is an online open-source eCommerce store with the benefit of built-in SEO to allow you to expand your store functionality and grow your business.  

Streamline Business Processes

Streamline Business Processes
  • Manage everything in one place

  • Export existing stock across all your systems seamlessly and automatically

    • Barcode​

    • Stock 

    • Pricing

    • Customers

    • Shipping status, 

  • Orders automatically imported from OpenCart online store to your ERP system to create sales orders 

  • Free your time and resources to focus on growing your business

  • Generate in-depth reports to maximise your profits

Automation to Improve Efficiently

  • Eliminate manual data entry to avoid costly mistakes

  • Increased speed of data exchange to improve customer service and efficient operations

    • Orders, inventory, product data, shipping updates and customer information move easily between systems​

  • Automatic synchronisation of data from OpenCart to MYOB Advanced on a daily or hourly basis to eliminate manual data entry and the needs of spreadsheets

    • Save time and allow you to refocus on growing your business​

Automation to Improve Efficiently
Customer Management


  • Sync customers from OpenCart to help manage and record ongoing relationships with customers 

  • Email marketing service through your OpenCart online store to drive repeat sales with newsletters, special offers and promotions 


  • Product management- upload product details from MYOB Advanced to OpenCart

  • Export products for OpenCart online store to an ERP system to maintain one product database

  • Sell and manage inventory effectively, fast sales processing, manage sales and customers 

  • Keep track of your stock levels in your ERP system to allow you to know when you need to reorder stock

Product Management
Order Management


  • Real-time syncing of orders, customer information, order item, shipping information and order status

  • Download sales order with relevant customer or product information from OpenCart

  • Orders from OpenCart online store are transferred into invoices your accounting or ERP system

  • Orders and shipping details are transferred from your OpenCart online store so they can be automatically shipped to your customers 

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