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Integrated Logic is an experienced ERP Software provider, originally part of ABC Business Solutions, with over 25 years experience. Integrated Logic is now a partner company with ABC Business Solutions. ABC Business Solutions deliver and customise ERP Software Solutions to suit individual clients needs, such as: Ostendo, MoneyWorks, MYOB and Xero. Integrated Logic was formed from our partner company to enable a higher quality and expertise to be gained in MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. Unlike ABC Business Solutions, who deliver expert software solutions across multiple ERP solutions, Integrated Logic's sole focus is installing and developing MYOB Advanced and Exo.


We have decided to narrow our expertise to MYOB products to enable us to implement and integrate MYOB products flawlessly into our clients company and offer continued support, training for all things MYOB related. This enables MYOB to be used to its full potential and enable the software to work harder for your business. MYOB products are extremely diverse and are well suited to almost any business as there are multiple packages available and MYOB has the ability to be fully customisable.


We can help you determine if your business will benefit from MYOB Advanced or Exo. Our company wants the best for your business, so if we think there is a better software solution available for your business we will refer you to our partner business, ABC Business Solutions (please see "What if an MYOB solution is not the right fit for my business?" below). 

What if an MYOB solution is not the right fit for my business?

No worries! We work closely with our partner company, ABC Business Solutions, to provide you with the best quality ERP solution that best suits your business. ABC Business Solutions offers expert implementation of multiple ERP software solutions and are able to recommend a customised solution that will suit your business. Their ERP Softwares include: Ostendo, Ostendo Freeway, Xero, MoneyWorks, MYOB and Quickbooks. They also offer Business Intelligence, Business Management, 3rd Party Integrations, Business Performance and Software Customisation. 

Email: info@integratedlogic.com.au

Phone: 1300 533 361

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