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Fed up with your Inventory Management?

You need MYOB Advanced Business, a leading ERP system designed to remove the headache of business management.

Stop Manually Managing Inventory

Are you tried of time-consuming manual processes and endless spreadsheets?

Accountant at Work

ERP systems, like MYOB Advanced automates inventory management tasks to save you time and reduces risk of errors.

Smiling Worker in Warehouse

Stay in control of your inventory levels and movements with up-to-date data and make informed decisions to prevent stockouts.

Poor Inventory Visibility Ends Now

Fed up with guessing stock levels and location?

Gain real-time visibility into your inventory to stay on top of stock movement and prevent stockouts with an MYOB Advanced, a leading ERP system.

Multi-warehouse management allows you to seamlessly manage your stock across multiple locations or warehouses.

Happy Gift Box

Utilise real-time data to optimise stock allocation and reduce fulfillment times = happy customers.

Don't Lose Sleep Over Stock Management

Constantly worried about your compliance and stock traceability?

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MYOB Advanced serial and lot tracking capabilities ensure accurate records for audits.

Worker Scanning Package

Easily track movement of inventory items to ensure compliance and effectively manage product recalls.

Meet Customer Demands Quickly

Angry customers on the phone?

With instant inventory tracking, your customers will be provided with accurate product availability, order status and delivery estimations, removing the risk of delays!

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Inventory Management systems allow you insight into data to predict sale trends of popular products to ensure these are always in stock!

Image by Johan Godínez

This data also enables you to offer personalised recommendationand promotions to your loyal customers.

Eliminate Inefficient Stock Replenishment 

Having trouble ensuring optimal stock levels and managing excess inventory?

Image by Petrebels

Eliminate guesswork from replenishment process and eliminate rush orders, which are time-consuming and often costly.

Taking Inventory at Warehouse

Automated re-order points and replenishment rules ensures you maintain optimal stock levels and removes the risk of overstocking or stockouts! It’s a win-win!

MYOB Advanced Business: An Inventory Management ERP System

A cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that connects every part of your business end-to-end to support business growth. It helps you manage their supply chain and logistics activities, including warehouse management, inventory management, and order management. It integrates these activities with the company’s financials, CRM, sales and payroll and workforce management into a single cloud platform.


MYOB Advanced allows you to manage your distribution operations with ease anywhere, anytime on any device. For wholesalers and distributors who experience supply chain and operational complexity, lack of visibility on costs and processes and experience continuous changes to demand- MYOB Advanced Business is the cloud ERP platform that minimises complexities and provides real-time insights across your entire business so you can adapt quickly to changes in demands.

Control system wide inventory across multiple locations to efficiently manage your distribution process without losing track of sight of costs. Receive inventory to a specific location and drill down to change item default lot/serial numbers, valuation methods, accounts and more. Manage perishable inventory, automate replenishment and build or disassemble kits.

Image by Andy Hermawan

Reach a new level of efficiency, accuracy and control with MYOB Advanced

Check out the free Demo to find out how MYOB Advanced can transform your inventory management headache into a seamlessly, automated dream.

8 Key Benefits of MYOB Advanced Business

Ready to take control of your inventory and stop the headache?

We’ve got you!

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