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3rd Party Integrations

Integrated Logic offers multiple 3rd Party Integrations and Add-ons to allow your software to achieve what is required by your business.


These 3rd Party Integrations are available for MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced to extend the capabilities of the software to suit specific areas of your business.


We offer add-ons that support your business, including:

  • Time tracking and rostering

  • Inventory and asset management

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Billing and invoices

  • Business intelligence

  • Manufacturing

  • e-Commerce

  • Point of sales

If you need your MYOB software to do something particular, Integrated Logic can integrate a solution to achieve your business need or customise a solution specifically for you.


Some MYOB supported add-ons are listed below, but please feel free to contact us about any concern, query or issue you may have as we are always happy to help.

Job Management

Apps allow you to easily manage your business: time tracking; rostering; job management; billing and invoices. 

  • Velixo Reports

  • Scheduleflow

  • MinuteDock

  • R3sourcers

  • WebReq

  • Workbench

  • IPM Project Management

  • Incident Report

  • MechanicDesk

  • GeoOp

  • Workshop Software

  • Workshop Mate

  • Happy HR

  • Heads-up

  • Fieldmagic

  • eBoss

  • Deputy

  • BillQuick

​There is an app to suit your needs. Apps we can integrate into your software includes:

  • Ostendo (ideal for custom manufacturers, construction, shops and service maintenance)

  • ProWorkflow (ideal for project, task and time management)

  • Online Induction

  • Staffbooks

  • Telstra Trades Assist

  • Nexvia- Software for Projects

  • NextMinute

  • TimeTrak

  • SmartTrade

  • Timely

  • Total Synergy

  • Tradezquote

  • Tradify

  • Transpost Plus

  • ServiceM8

  • Upvise

Hospitality add-ons allow you to easily manage: your data with data synchronisation; point of sale; billing and invoices; credit and debit management; marketing and sales; inventory management; and e-commerce.

Apps we can integrate into your software includes: 

  • Preno

  • OzBiz EzyLink

  • OrderTron Wholesale Ordering Solution

  • Tanda

  • The Invisible Accountant

  • Symphony (exobiz)

  • TimeTrak

  • Vigilance

  • Triniteq

  • WageLoch Cloud

  • ResBook

  • QuickB2B

  • Receipt Bank

  • IdentityPAY- Time and Attendance Software

  • InvoiceSmash

  • HR Central

  • Worldsmart POS- Ozbis

  • FlexiTime Payroll

  • Easy Trace

  • Ento

  • eCommerce Webstrom for MYOB

  • Deputy

  • CreataCRM

  • B2B Online Ordering

  • AutoFile


Integrate apps into your software to increase your business efficiencies 

  • Square

  • Fathom

  • Receipt Bank

  • Spotlight Reporting

  • Reep

  • Cerebiz Budget

  • Calxa Premier and Calxa Express

Accounting Tools

Allow you to manage your inventory better with smart add-ons to your MYOB software solution

Some of the apps we can integrate to maximise your financial management. 


We can hand-pick the apps that will best suit your business needs.

  • Castaway (3 way forecasting)

  • AssetManager Pro

  • Abtrac


  • Analysis-One

  • Common Ledger


Reporting & Business Intelligence

Advanced reporting add-ons add value by adding business intelligence to complement your MYOB software.


These apps offer inventory management, advanced reporting, business intelligence, budgeting and forecasting. 

  • Phocas Business Intelligence Software

  • Surgical Partners

  • SmartReports+

  • The Invisible Accountant

  • SideKick Reporting

  • Velixo Reports

  • Vigilance

  • My Business Maximiser

  • My Business Manager

  • Savvy Reports

  • Reep


  • Forecast 5

  • Easy Trace

  • ExcelReportLink

  • EBS Reports (exobiz)

  • Cerebiz (Analyser, Budget, Cash, Jobs, Profit, Dashboard and Consolidation)

  • Castaway (3 way forecasting)

  • Calxa Premier/Express

  • Abtrac

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