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MYOB advanced a leading ERP system

Bring Onboarding, Rostering, Timesheets and Payroll Together in One Seamless Solution

MYOB Workforce Management

Workforce management and payroll in one integrated ERP solution

Workforce management (WFM) software is a desktop and mobile platform that help a business run an efficient team of engaged employees while staying on the right side of employment laws. With a workforce management system, your business can create rosters in minutes, record exact staff work hours, and give employees tools to manage leave, timesheets and more.


  • Manage your staff from anywhere, from any device.

  • Quickly create rosters, automate them based on employee skills, alerts and rules are easily built into the roster and employee unavailability is easily managed.

  • Employees can quickly complete their onboarding steps via any device with HR and payroll teams having immediate access to onboarded employees.

  • Ensure all shifts are accurately costed based on budget before it reaches payroll through real-time award compliance.

  • Approve timesheets through automation and set up approvers for exceptions to streamline approvals.

  • Timesheets are accurately captured, costed and approved before they hit the payroll team.

  • Manage workforces with teams across multiple locations.

  • Empower employees to manage their personal details, request leave, review payslips and register clock-in and clock-out times via mobile application (iOS and Android).

  • Keep your team up to date with app push notifications to alert them to their upcoming shifts or changes.


  • Simplify onboarding and rostering processes. Onboard new employees to get them working quickly. Then manage compliance and ensure the right mix of qualifications and labour costs for each shift with Smart Roster Automation.

  • Tailor your onboarding experience to your employees' needs with configurable workflows for different organisations

  • Help reduce data errors and lost paperwork with digitally collected employee information

  • A notification is sent to managers when employee hiring and onboarding is complete, so you can complete rosters and process their first pay on time

Simplify payroll
Simplify employee onboarding


  • Quickly create and manage rosters by setting up your own roster templates

  • Smart Roster automation fills shifts with available staff who have the right skills while following all employee agreements and legislative requirement

  • Receive alerts about overlapping shifts, conflicts and breaches of rules before any hours have been worked, and alert employees to roster changes with push notifications


  • Automated timesheets and improve payroll efficiency. Easily manage time and attendance tracking, timesheets and approvals. Our software syncs with payroll for accurate data and correct pay runs every time.

  • Automatically import timesheets into payroll for seamless processing without errors 

  • Pay items and leave items are matched between workforce management and MYOB Advanced People or MYOB PayGlobal for accurate processing and reporting

  • Leave requests are managed end-to-end with complete visibility for employees, managers and the Payroll team

Simplify employee rostering

We Understand every business is different

Integrated Logic is available to help you choose the MYOB Advanced solution most suited to your business needs, saves you time and money. Your software can scale up to a more rigorous edition as your business grows, this will ensure you are only paying for the features you use.

Understand your business with ERP

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Why Workforce Management?

Workforce management software enables organisations that hire a significant number of hourly workers to manage their employees and rosters successfully.

With workforce management software, you can automate the functions required to manage your workforces, such as pay rules, leave management, scheduling and attendance, union contracts, overtime reporting, and more.

Key features of Workforce Management

Key Features

  • Forecasting and budgeting

  • Staff scheduling 

  • Time keeping and attendance

  • Employee onboarding, performance management & satisfaction 

  • Compliance

  • Payroll and benefits administration 

  • Vacation and leave planning

Empower your workforce with employee self-service

Workforce Management includes enhanced employee self-service functionality, giving your staff the ability to log in anywhere to view and update their details, apply for leave, view their payslips, and more. Self-service is accessible via browser or mobile application (iOS and Android).

Notifications can also be configured to notify the manager that a leave request is ready for them to review, and then a notification for an employee when their request has been either approved or declined.


Employees can:

  • Update personal details.

  • View and download payslips.

  • Understand how much leave they have, including projected leave balances, as well as apply for leave.

  • View rosters, swap shifts, view team rosters and upcoming leave.

  • View important documents.

  • Submit leave and unavailability.

  • Submit expense claims.

  • Receive push notifications for upcoming shifts or if new documentation needs to be signed/read.


Managers can:

  • Quickly review leave requests.

  • Bulk approve and/or decline leave requests.

  • See details on an employee’s available balance, allowing them to make an immediate decision.

  • See team availability via a team calendar, assisting in leave planning and approvals.

  • Receive notifications when approvals are needed.

  • Create and publish rosters, view and approve timesheets, distribute documents, view dashboards and more.

Automated Workflows 

With MYOB Advanced People and Workforce Management, you can automatically import Timesheets into payroll for processing. Pay Items and Leave items are matched between Workforce Management and MYOB Advanced People. With this integration, timesheet information flowing from workforce management into payroll automatically matches for efficient processing and with minimal errors.

Onboard new employees without managing paper contracts, scans or emails and receive real-time status updates. Employees can quickly complete their onboarding steps via any device quickly and easily. HR and Payroll teams have immediate access to onboarded employees with MYOB Advanced People and Workforce Management integration.

Automatically publish rosters to employees via the mobile app. which are instantly available to employees. Payslips are also available in the mobile app as soon as they are published at the completion of the payroll.


An integrated MYOB Advanced People and Workforce Management solution features key reports and provides in-form views, removing the need to print reports. Information can be further analysed through one-touch exporting of data to Microsoft Excel.

A set of standard reports that are provided include pay run summary/detail, pay activity, GL Batch summary/ detail, leave entitlement movements summary/detail and much more.

The Workforce Management Business Intelligence dashboard provides a single centralised view of key performance metrics across all your locations in real time. These metrics include sales, hours, costs and sales efficiency.

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