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Accelerate Your Business to Success With A Cloud Based Solution Tailored to Suit Growing and Bigger Businesses

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Run Your Entire Business In The Cloud

MYOB Advanced Business combines functions of Customer Relationship Management software, accounting software, job software, reporting software and finance software into a streamlined solution. MYOB Advanced Business has multiple editions designed to implement features that will accelerate the growth of your business and increase visibility to gain control of your business.

Powerful Features

  • Organisational workflow engine allows you to define actions and approval requests

  • send email notifications to users, customers and suppliers when set conditions are satisfied e.g. shipped order

  • Customise screen views to match business process- add or remove fields, make fields mandatory or change position

  • Use interactive dashboards to quickly provide users with relevant business information

Comprehensive project accounting

  • Track and report on projects, tasks and budgets.

  • Automate project billing with our pre-defined allocation and billing rules engine.

  • Allocate transactions and costs from other Advanced modules directly to projects, such as invoices from suppliers, invoices to customers, journals from the GL and receipts from purchasing.

  • Employees can enter time and expenses from any mobile device via the MYOB Advanced OnTheGo app.

Automated field service operations

  • Track and manage every detail of your field operations.

  • Maintain a real-time view of the technician’s progress on the job.

  • Track all assets owned by you or your customer and schedules preventative maintenance.

  • Connect your staff with mobile services where they can access routes, future appointments, customer information and last-minute updates.

  • Track warranty classes according to models of equipment, improving customer satisfaction.

General ledger and accounting

  • Enterprise level financial and budgeting features.

  • Full support and handling for multi-currency.

  • Multi-company support with inter-company consolidation.

  • Manage and understand your cash position with cash flow forecasting and reporting.

  • A full suite of financial analysis reports, including GST and BAS reporting.

  • Fixed asset management.

  • Debt collection, payment instalments and a range of other tools to simplify business management.

Optimise manufacturing operations

  • Plan and manage inventories, costs and manufacturing processes.

  • Schedule production on shop floor and track material and labour costs.

  • Create estimates for new and existing items.

  • Generate time-phased manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability.

  • Manage sales activities, streamline procurement processes and automate order fulfilment.

  • Meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates.

Streamlined sales and purchasing

  • End-to-end sales order and back order management including freight calculation and automatic customer notifications ​

  • End-to-end purchase order and landed cost tracking

  • Advanced purchasing features including blanket orders, purchase requisitions and bid management, and forecast based purchasing, blanket orders and purchase requisitions

  • Interactive customer portals that allow customers to view and download invoices and statements, check inventory, add to cart and check out sales orders 

Integrated CRM and customer service

  • Maintain a database of prospects, customers and contacts.

  • Manage leads and easily convert to sales orders.

  • Create marketing lists and email campaigns to connect with prospects and customers.

  • Collect leads from your website.

  • Track service cases and tasks logged by your customers.

  • Publish a knowledge base via the customer portal.

Effective inventory management

  • Maintain detailed information on your inventory including supplier codes, barcodes, cost and sell pricing history

  • Track inventory levels and costs across multiple warehouses and locations 

What to Expect?

  • Expert knowledge and ongoing support from Integrated Logic

  • A powerful, flexible, fully functional software system that is flexible and scalable to meet your business needs now and into the future. This enables you to streamline your operations and workflow, inventory management and CRM

  • An easy system to work with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use dashboard. MYOB Advanced allows you to work securely online anytime from any device​

We Understand every business is different

Integrated Logic is available to help you choose the MYOB Advanced solution most suited to your business needs, saves you time and money. Your software can scale up to a more rigorous edition as your business grows, this will ensure you are only paying for the features you use.


For businesses that need to manage financials and inventory

  • Simple, easy to use accounting, cash flow reporting, GST and multi-currency management

  • Control over stock quantities and costs over multiple warehouses 

  • Manage sales, customers and contacts easily

  • Track orders, deliveries, back orders and special pricing promotions

  • Accurately manage your margins with easy tracking of supplier price lists, purchase orders and landed costs

  • Reduce admin by allowing customers to review their account details, invoices and statements online

  • Customisable dashboards and real-time reporting 

Advanced PLUS

For larger businesses that need to manage financials, inventory and CRM.

  • Powerful and easy to use accounting, finance, budgeting, cash flow forecasting and multi-currency management

  • Total CRM solutions 

  • Enhanced inventory control with serial and batch tracking, warehouse bin and picking management and automated replenishments 

  • Easily track sales orders, deliveries, back order, customer returns and promotions

  • Accurately manage margins with cost tracking and forecast-based purchasing 

  • Track projects from budget to completion with detailed reporting, task break down and analysis 

  • Provide customers with portal to view copies of invoices and statements 

  • Customisable dashboards and workflows to suit business processes 


For businesses that need to manage multiple large-scale operations.

  • Complete control over your financials

  • Inter-company accounting and consolidated reports

  • Superior CRM to manage 

  • Advanced customer management features: debt collection, overdue charges application and customer payment instalments 

  • Customer service with case management and knowledge based tools

  • Enhanced inventory control with serial and batch tracking, warehouse bin and picking management and automated replenishments 

  • Easily track sales orders, deliveries, back orders, customer returns and promotions

  • Accurately manage your margins with cost tracking and forecast-based purchasing 

  • Track projects from budget to completion with detailed reporting, task breakdown and analysis

  • Customer self-service portal 

  • Customised screens, reports, business processes and workflow


Connect With Our Experts

Manage Your Business In One Place 

Make managing your business even more efficient and effective with seamless integration of your business processes, goals and financial management.


You will drive competitive advantage, reduce administration time, increase stock control, improve profits and cash flow. 


Why MYOB Advanced Business?

MYOB Advanced Business (previously MYOB Advanced) is a cloud-based solution for medium to large businesses, including multiple entity companies. MYOB Advanced is the world's fastest growing ERP system. It is an intelligent software system that is fully customisable to your unique business needs and grows alongside your business​, so it is an ERP software designed to suit your business now and into the future.

MYOB Advanced Business is a complete business management system that is designed to increase efficiency of your business procedures and operations, including administration and warehouse operations. It is fully customisable and can be developed by Integrated Logic's team of programmers to increase your work efficiencies and reach your desired goals.  

​MYOB Advanced Business comes in three editions: MYOB Advanced Standard, MYOB Advanced Plus and MYOB Advanced Enterprise. Integrated Logic can review your full business needs from a Systems and Accounting view to recommend the most suitable edition for your business depending on your business size, your future goals, your business procedures and any customisations you require. MYOB is designed to support businesses as they grow, so your MYOB edition can easily be changed and updated as your business grows. 


MYOB Advanced Business contains many valuable features for you and your business. MYOB Advanced Business is an integrated business management and accounting software system.

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