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MYOB Services

Integrated Logic offers multiple MYOB services, including: MYOB Advanced and Exo Implementation, MYOB Exo Integration, MYOB Customisation, MYOB Training Courses and MYOB 3rd Party Integrations.


We offer multiple support plans that gives your business continued support with your software allowing your business to accelerate to its goals.

We service our clients businesses to the highest quality. Contact us to find out how we can assist in making your business run smoothly and to a higher quality.  

Integrated Logic can help choose the right MYOB system for your business. We implement our systems with exceptional quality. MYOB Exo and Advanced can be implemented into your business to maintain flexibility and scalability allowing your software to grow with your business and offer continued support.  

MYOB Exo and Advanced are highly configurable ERP software system, which can be implemented seamlessly into your business. Integrated Logic offers quality implementation of MYOB software so it will fit immaculately into your business. 3rd Party Integrations are also available for MYOB to meet your business requirements.  

No business is the same, therefore standard MYOB softwares may not be fully suited to your business. However, MYOB is fully customisable to suit your business and increase efficiency of your procedures. There is multiple ways your MYOB system can be customised, our programmers can help you achieve a software that suits you.

There are multiple 3rd Party Integrations that Integrated Logic is expert in. The additional products we offer are compatible and can be fully integrated into your existing MYOB software. These ad-ons allow you to gain more control over your software and therefore, business.

We offer support beyond initial implementation of your software. We can make your software work harder for your business with our multiple support plans designed to support any business.

Our training courses are designed to maximise our clients knowledge of their software system to gain the most our of their product. Integrated Logic can empower you to maximise the potential of your MYOB software.

Integrated Logic offers the highest quality service for our clients. We work closely with our partner, ABC Business Solutions to bring our clients the software solution that will seamlessly fit into their business.

MYOB Advanced is a cloud ERP software designed for growing businesses. MYOB Advanced has three levels of softwares designed to meet the unique needs of your business and increase efficiencies in your business.  MYOB Advanced is designed for you, the user, and is easy to use.

Maximise your business with MYOB Exo, a fully integrated financial and business management system. Exo supports financing, job costing, customer relations management (CRM), consolidating and inter-company reporting. Your business can work harder for you and grow with Exo.

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