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MYOB Advanced is a leading ERP system

Case Study: Financial, IT and Professional Services

Consultancy Services 

MYOB Advanced leading choice for businesses
MYOB Advanced leading choice for businesses
MYOB Advanced leading choice for businesses
MYOB Advanced leading choice for businesses

MYOB Advanced Case Studies


”Now that we’re cloud-based all aspects of our business are accessible everywhere, to the staff that need it.”




Codecom, with Melbourne and Queensland offices, covers a broad range of telco services for companies of all sizes. Whether it’s a commercial installation or creating connectivity solutions, Codecom covers everything from “hands-on” installation to back-end equipment and accessories supply.



The Problem

Meeting demands and expectations


Codecom knows that when delivering the very latest global technology solutions and equipment to clients, you can’t afford to be anything less than leading edge.

Courtney Purcell, General Manager (Commercial) for Codecom, realised that running two platforms — MYOB AccountRight for accounting and Excel for logistics, invoices, quotes, etc. — was putting a strain on the business. As Purcell notes, “The way we were working had become inefficient”.

"We were looking for a solution that could be truly in-house."


The Solution

Future proofing calls for cloud-based ERP solution


Given that the cost of purchasing and implementing a completely new business management system is significant, the team at Codecom carefully evaluated their options. After dismissing a number of products they contacted David Taylor at BusinessHub and after much consideration Codecom settled on MYOB Advanced.

Purcell explains, “The functionality of MYOB Advanced met our many needs including customer special pricing, advanced stock management, a customer portal as well as CRM”.


"The way we were working had become inefficient, with many functions being manual and time consuming."


The Outcome

Connecting with future success


Codecom’s move up to MYOB Advanced has been an unqualified success says Purcell. “Running every aspect of our business is 100% easier, particularly as we’ve really streamlined our processes and improved the accuracy of inventory and our customer pricing.”

With MYOB Advanced, Codecom now has many valuable insights into its business that were previously unknown. Things like customer buying patterns and back order visibility and fulfilments, which enable it to make more informed and agile business decisions.

With its ERP software now in the cloud, Codecom’s business has been transformed, with all team members having access to accurate information at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime. 



"Now that we’re cloud-based all aspects of our business are accessible everywhere, to the staff that need it."




  • Running two platforms across the business was becoming increasingly inefficient

  • Many functions were manual and time consuming

  • Limited visibility across the operations meant less informed business decisions



  • Cloud-based system allows team members to have accurate information at their fingertips

  • Business processes are now streamlined

  • Insights into inventory ensures accurate quoting and more satisfied customers

- - -


Octet Finances

"We liked the fact that MYOB Advanced was completely hosted and that it supported our multi-company and multi-currency models."



Octet provides highly specialised financial services to the SME sector, supplying businesses with much-needed working capital facilities. Octet’s technology platform enables it to originate and manage all its loans, so its clients can make purchases from suppliers anywhere in the world, in multiple currencies. The financial technology it offers its clients helps to set it apart in the highly competitive business finance market.

The Problem

Massive Data Overload


“We have a huge amount of data coming through our systems,” explains Octet’s COO, Michael Rom. “We have millions of data points being produced year on year, and we were facing consolidation challenges due to the complexities of multiple companies operating in our group, across different regions and currencies that we handle.”

Daily reconciliations became a heavy process for external accountants to manage and Octet was unable to get the depth of detailed reporting and analysis that it required.

The Solution 

In-house, Integrated ERP


Octet’s first step was to bring its financial management in-house. It had been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for certain ERP functions, but wanted an integrated system that included a full accounting package.

Octet looked closely at SAP B1 and NetSuite, but decided both were too complicated and cumbersome. Further inquiries led them to MYOB Advanced.

The Outcome 

A live view, in multiple dimensions


With MYOB Advanced, Octet now has real-time visibility across the business. Leverage set up a metric-based dashboard for statistical journals, for a view of performance that delivers useful Business Intelligence.

Managers who used to wait till month-end for a high-level generic report with no drill-down capability can now run their own reports when they wish. They can click on an individual item and view all the files and attachments.



  • High growth caused system problems

  • Lack of live visibility

  • Slow data processing

  • No detailed analytics


  • Total real-time view company-wide

  • Automated processing

  • Less paperwork

  • Multi-dimensional analytics

- - -


Mint Payments 

"The combination of cost, value for money and also a simple pricing model just made the decision really easy for us."

Mint Payments gets fresh ERP


After seven years of steady growth, it became clear to the team at Mint Payments that the old way of doing things wasn’t going to cut it much longer. As a tech company, it was important for Mint to handle their internal processes with the same speed and flexibility they provide their clients – which is why the ability to work from anywhere was crucial. Moving to MYOB Advanced Business has allowed Mint to significantly streamline their processes, and provides infinite scalability for the future.



  • Too many manual, time consuming tasks

  • Previous system not strong in accounting features

  • Previous system offered poor value for money


  • Powerful automation to speed up processes

  • User-friendly, scalable system for future growth

  • Better value ERP with a simpler pricing model


MYOB Exo Case Studies

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 

"Employer Services gives us that all-important confidence in our data, which is good for us and our employees."

A more logical way to handle the payroll 


Using MYOB Exo Employer Services modules Hellman was able to increase efficiency in payroll and human resources management. 




Established in Germany in the 1870s, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics now employs over 19,000 people in 157 countries.  

It offers freight solutions for all types of freight travelling via road, rail, air and sea alongside warehousing and eCommerce services.


The Problem

Losing time and money


Hellman’s New Zealand operation, with 100 staff across three locations, needed a more effective way to manage timesheets and payroll. Payroll efficiency was being hampered by paper timesheets, the need to manually check for errors leading to an unsatisfactory level of speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Hellman Logistics also wanted to safe guard against the unfortunate reality of timesheet fraud, where employees are dishonest about the number of hours worked and ‘buddy punching’, in which a colleague clocks in or out for an absent co-worker.

The Solution 

Making sure payday comes on time


“In addition to MYOB Advanced Business, the Exo – Employer Services solution is a vital component of our operations,” says Payroll Accountant, Poko Paitai-Barnett.

“It ensures everyone gets paid properly and on time, while the new Bundy Bio-Metric time clocks ensure the payroll data is honest through fingerprint scanning for clocking in and out.”

Implementing fingerprint scanning was an easy  way to mitigate the risk of timesheets being fudge, while reducing paperwork and double handling. 

The Outcome

The future looks bright with greater visibility


Having to manage multiple cost centres, broken down into departments and sub-departments, the company requires quick visibility across all cost centres.

“The data we get out of payroll is crucial for managing our cost centres and that people are taking their leave correctly through the year,” says Paitai-Barnett. “We can monitor department performance and even individuals if required. It’s easy to extract the data that we can then manipulate to produce specific reports. Management finds this valuable to determine cost-effectiveness.”

Exo’s automated, accurate data feeds mean that less time is spent manually checking for errors.

Paperwork has almost been eliminated. The system also offers the flexibility to respond quickly to changing customer needs.

“Scheduling exceptions have to be done at short notice,” Paitai-Barnett says. “You never know when it’s going to change, depending on how busy you are. We have to bring in extra staff, put on extra shifts, to handle busy times like the Christmas season. The Exo system enables us to easily make scheduling changes ourselves.”





  • Doubts about accuracy of time submitted

  • Hand written timesheets

  • Risk of time theft

  • Cumbersome manual checks required

  • Lack of visibility into the data & cost centres


  • Fingerprint scanning ensures accurate time reporting

  • Number of errors and paperwork slashed

  • Data is verified and uploaded automatically into payroll

  • Easy reporting and performance monitoring

  • Flexible scheduling enabled

Image by Jeong goun
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