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Case Study: Retail, Wholesale and Franchising 


Retail businesses benefiting from ERP solutions
Retail businesses benefiting from ERP solutions
Retail businesses benefiting from ERP solutions
Retail businesses benefiting from ERP solutions
Retail businesses benefiting from ERP solutions

MYOB Advanced Case Studies

Soul Origin

"Being on the cloud, we can make decisions faster than we ever could before"

Soul Origin connects their software to accelerate future growth


Soul Origin is Australia’s fastest growing fresh food franchise. The business has grown from 2 stores in 2013 to 79 stores in 2017. This unprecedented growth put a huge strain on the financial management of Soul Origin’s franchise network. As the franchisor, the business wanted more insight into the performance of their business and significantly streamline their processes to handle their growth. Moving to integrate MYOB Advanced with MYOB AccountRight gave them a whole of business solution to usher in a bold new future for Soul Origin.

The Problem

External database hard to use


Soul Origin’s rapid growth created a typical business problem: its legacy Xero software simply couldn’t handle the pace anymore.

“We actually broke the accounting package we were using,” says CEO, Chris Mavris. “The solution was to find the software package that could help us grow and develop, we needed an enterprise solution to give us the reporting we required, but also meet the needs of the high level of invoicing that we are generating as a business.”

Soul Origin has a significant number of franchisees who run multiple business units. It wanted to give them access to bookkeeping and payroll software that would simplify their accounting yet not limit their features – MYOB’s AccountRight solution suited their needs perfectly.

The Solution 

Everyone together in the cloud


A cloud-based solution was deemed to be essential for ease of access by franchisees across the country. MYOB Advanced and MYOB AccountRight were deemed ideal for this purpose.

An implementation of MYOB Advanced at the head office and MYOB AccountRight in each franchise connected their systems to provide Soul Origin a single cohesive view of their business.

“These solutions create unique integration opportunities for franchises, which helps franchisors offer support to franchisees and increases visibility across the business,” says MYOB’s Head of Partnerships, Simon Dennis. “Ultimately, this integration minimises risk factors across the entire business.”

The Outcome

The precious gift of time


With AccountRight providing all the back-end data that helps franchisees make better decisions, and Advanced giving Soul Origin’s head office live visibility of every franchise-holder’s performance, the retail outlets are freed up to focus more on delivering best-quality customer service. “She thanked me for giving her time back to spend with her family and also for giving her more time to spend on her business, growing sales and growing connectivity with her customers,” Chris concludes.



  • Xero couldn’t handle large volume of invoices

  • Didn’t have access to sophisticated intelligent reporting

  • Franchisees were spending too much time on paperwork


  • Advanced and AccountRight deliver seamless bookkeeping to franchises

  • Head office has live visibility of every branch’s performance, coupled with superior analytics

  • Franchisees have more time to focus on customers, and have gained precious family time

- - -

Allure Bathrooms


"Advanced has made it much easier, much more automated and has provided the groundwork for future growth.”

We’re helping all kinds of retailers take control of their inventory and set the scene for future growth. 


These success stories make for rewarding reading, so invest a few minutes to discover how we’ve helped Allure Bathrooms connect their businesses.

Retailer Allure Bathrooms plumbed for growth with Advanced


Allure Bathrooms started as a side project and has since grown into a successful importer and distributor of bathroom supplies, with four retail showrooms across Melbourne. With plans to open new stores, MYOB Advanced provided the functionality and customisation capability the retailer needed to manage its ever-expanding reach.




In its early days, Allure Bathrooms and its single retail store didn’t need the functionality of a more sophisticated ERP system – but that quickly changed. The company grew rapidly, opening multiple showrooms across Melbourne, with an expanded distribution centre.

Inventory controller Matthew Luong explains that MYOB’s AccountRight Premier had worked well for the company in its early days. But the growing complexity of the business meant they needed a system to match. Inventory management was difficult and sales teams could override set prices, undermining profits. 

The Problem

Excel and syncing woes


Allure Bathrooms first moved to TradeGecko with a Xero integration, but even before they’d opened their new stores, that software combination wasn’t delivering the functionality the company needed.

The syncing between the two programmes was becoming a hassle, too.

“Having the two software’s synced together just wasn’t ideal. Especially because TradeGecko would sync to Xero, but Xero wouldn’t sync back to TradeGecko,” Matthew explains.

When the stores opened, they were joint ventures and Allure needed a system that could manage separate companies.

“We were struggling with purchase orders, which were done manually through Excel. We sell a lot of products sourced from local wholesalers, so that was a really time-consuming effort.”

The Solution

One solution for all locations


Although Matthew wasn’t specifically searching the market for an ERP system, he says Advanced was the most suitable solution.

“Advanced’s inter-branch mapping allows us to control stock between different stores, move stock from one location to the other, and make branch stock adjustments automatically.”

Allure Bathrooms worked with their MYOB business partner to customise the software for the organisation’s specific needs, adding low stock level warning signs and extra fields on quote and sales order screens. They also implemented restricted user access on default unit prices, shipment confirmations and credit memos.

“Those minor customisations made things more convenient,” Matthew says.

The Outcome 

Groundwork for future growth


Matthew says the system has provided “the groundwork for future growth” – automating purchase orders, simplifying inventory and ordering, streamlining stock processes and providing better tracking on deliveries.

Advanced has also saved time processing purchase orders, thanks to a single tick-box that automatically creates a P.O. from a quote.

They now have a better handle on their inventory, easily crosschecking order values against payments and keeping track of what has been delivered.

The future looks bright for Allure Bathrooms, which is now well-set to grow and expand. Matthew says having a system that can cope with multiple branches, multiple warehouses, moving stock, and cost-sharing across branches is exactly what they need to push their business forward.

“Advanced has made it much easier, much more automated,” says Matthew. “It makes life so much easier.”




  • System too basic, couldn’t manage multiple stores

  • Manual Excel process time-consuming

  • Lack of visibility and potential for mistakes

  • Price overrides undermining profit


  • Full ERP system brings all stores under one roof

  • Automated settings are convenient and save time

  • Clear visibility of all operations processes

  • User restrictions give back profit control

Soul Origin
Image by Jeong goun

MYOB Exo Case Studies

Abode Living

"One of the biggest contributions Exo has made to Abode Living is giving the company peace of mind. Exo has provided us a high level of confidence.”

MYOB Exo has Abode Living covered.


With 24 years of experience, Abode Living has a huge customer base. But when its website took off, the company needed a new system to manage its complex inventory and customer records.



Founded in 1991, family owned Abode Living is Australia’s leading manufacturer of luxury bed linen. What sets the Abode Living products apart is the family’s close relationship to the manufacturing and design process. The factory, office and warehouse are right behind the showroom.

As the company prides itself on selling the best quality products, and providing customers with made to order items, shipped within 24 hours, a greater level of efficiency was needed.

The Problem

An all-in-one solution


Abode Living previously used a point of sales system called ERP Australia to stay on top of stock, customers and the retail store. “Then our website took off dramatically, but it wasn’t connected to our stock control or our customer records,” says Ben Adair, Abode Living Operations Director, during his interview with SmartCompany.

Ben continues, “We wanted a system where a customer could order in-store or online and it would be processed with the same account. And likewise, for stock, where we could update a record in one place, for example prices, for both in-store and online.” So the company started the search for a new all-in-one system.

The Solution

Beauty is only skin deep

Abode Living looked at a number of systems and discovered many looked great but weren’t flexible. “As soon as you needed to customise something or add functionality, it either gets expensive or it won’t let you do it,” Ben explains.

Abode Living finally settled on MYOB Exo. “Exo has everything we need without being too complicated. It’s quite flexible,” says Ben. “We’re implementing Exo in two stages, because we’re both a retailer and manufacturer,” he continues. “So we’ve already implemented it in the retail side of our business, and we’re doing the scoping for the manufacturing side at the moment.”

The Outcome 

Time to relax


Ben is happy with his decision to use Exo. “It’s simple to use. It has anything we need without being too complicated,” he explains.

One of the biggest contributions Exo has made to Abode Living is giving the company peace of mind. “Exo has provided us a high level of confidence,” says Ben. “Confidence in the figures and confidence in knowing that we can get the customisations we need going forward.”



  • Unable to calculate GP margin

  • Couldn’t link system with website

  • Difficult to update or improve functions


  • Less double handling

  • Customised reports specific to Abode Living’s needs

  • Greater functionality & stock control

  • Accurate figures

- - -

One World

“Exo has given us the ability to grow in to new markets like New Zealand and the USA.”


Delivering the goods for chic homeware retailer One World Collection is a gift and homeware retailer with a focus on offering products that look and feel high end at reasonable prices. Originally from London, the has company brought their European designs to Australia and New Zealand. One World Collection made the BRW list of the top 100 fastest growing businesses in Australia. With recent expansion of their operations in to the USA and more than 45 staff globally, this rapidly growing business started to feel the limitations of its existing accounting software.

The Problem

Software limitations


When One World Collection opened their Sydney and Auckland stores, MYOB AccountRight was their software of choice. The company was happy with this solution and continued to use it for 10 years. One World Collection Managing Director, Greg Ollerhead, says, “MYOB AccountRight is very user friendly and easy to train new staff. However, the problem is that, as a growing business, we were feeling the limitations with stock control and reporting systems.” One World Collection decided to start researching alternative software solutions that could handle the complexities of their growing business. Through their research, Greg and the team looked at SAP and a few other SQL based systems before hearing about Exo through a third party developer who uses Exo for its clients. “As a growing business, we were feeling the limitations with stock control and reporting systems.”

The Solution

Exo ticks all the boxes


Exo was the clear choice for One Wold Collection. Greg explains, “Exo’s price was reasonable compared to other high-end systems. And for our size, this system provided the right functionality.” Other businesses within the same industry were also using Exo and the fact that Exo was owned by MYOB, a reputable and trusted company, gave Greg and the team confidence in their decision. Greg says, “We think it will become even more widely used in future.”


Greg and the team at One World Collection were impressed by their thorough knowledge of Exo. Greg says, “Our needs were quite specific so it was great that they could explain how everything could be customised to work in our environment. Our MYOB Advanced partner were fantastic to work with.”


“Exo’s price was reasonable compared to other high-end systems.”


Passing the test


Greg explains, “Our partner's knowledge of Exo is brilliant and I have to say that she has a lot to do with how successful the system is for us.”


Our partner provided a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) phase where a full version of One Wold Collection’s customised database could be accessed and tested by the team. “We tested as much as we could before the data was transferred out of AccountRight and into Exo,” says Greg. “There were a few teething problems but this is to be expected with any new upgrade like this. Upon reflection, it was not anywhere near as painful as expected on roll over.”


Our ability to understand a large volume of complex and detailed SKU data at a glance is enabling us to give our customers a better buying experience.”

When it came time to train the team on the new software, it took some time to get used to. Greg explains, “Exo has a different look and feel to other MYOB products like AccountRight. It’s the same with any change of system I suppose. Once everyone was used to it they were very positive.”


Tailored reports


Due to the large amount of customisation required, the system took some time to become fully functional but Greg says, “Exo was all worth it.” A number of reports were tailored to suit the specific needs of the company, such as customer backorder report with ETA and images, stock reorder and sales report, debtor performance report and agent’s monthly commission report. “This is why it took time to really become the business tool it is now,” explains Greg.


The Outcome 

A time for growth


“Exo has helped us become a lot more efficient and grow in ways we could not have done with our previous system,” says Greg. “It allows us multiple stock/warehouse locations which is very important to our business as we have warehouses in 3 countries now. It allows us to get third party programs to link in to the SQL database in real time so our website is live and accurate. Also, we deal with large national retailers and Exo allows us to use EDI integration with their systems.”


Exo has also provided the team with greater visibility into the business. Greg explains, “We can sort and allocate stock to customers according to their annual spend and status. We can also run so many different reports for stock replenishment based on various factors which we couldn’t do before.”


According to Greg, “The most significant contribution Exo has made to our business is the ability it has given us to become a lot more efficient and grow in to new markets like New Zealand and the USA. The benefits of Exo are enormous.”


”Exo has helped us become a lot more efficient.”



  • Limitations with stock control

  • Restrictions with reporting systems

  • Poor visibility


  • Greater efficiency

  • Multiple stock/warehouse locations

  • Customised reports

  • Ability to expand into new markets

- - -

Mega Music

"Exo delivered a backend system that operated and performed to our team’s expectations."


Exo hits the right note 100% W.A. owned and operated, Mega Music is large enough to offer a great selection at competitive prices, but small enough to still retain a friendly music industry culture. Over the past decade, Mega Music has made it their mission to provide quality gear for music professionals, students, schools and bedroom warriors. Mega Music also offers instrument repairs, servicing facilities and a music academy with highly skilled teachers.

The Problem

Frustrated by a disparate system


Mega Music struggled with a mismatch of different accounting and Point of Sale systems across their business that they best described as ‘clunky.’ Neither powerful nor user-friendly, it was also limited in its ability to adapt to meet their customer relationship needs. It was important for Mega Music to have a system that worked with business accountability requirements by helping their team view previous sales, repairs or services.


To Mega Music, “a professional and personal touch is as significant as each individual transaction”, so Mega Music needed a system that could help them to create a single customer view, that is, a one-toone relationship where they can tailor options for each and every customer. It was time for a change. “A professional and personal touch is as significant as each individual transaction.”

The Solution

One powerful platform fits all


Mega Music and their partner worked together to tailor a system that created a more dynamic customer relationship by understanding and reporting on individual needs rather than just a straight “point of sale” of instruments and accessories.


With three locations - and looking to expand, Mega Music required a multi-site POS that operated from one database, both on and offline across all sites. It also needed stock to be easily and accurately transferred across locations and where data could be reported and segmented.


MYOB Exo delivered on the requirements of Mega Music, building a customised solution fit for their unique business.


“What we liked most about what MYOB Exo delivered was a back end system that operated and performed to our team’s expectations, interfacing with a POS system that thought and performed as a sales person would expect” Kajen Velupillay, Owner/Director, Mega Music.

The Outcome

Build a better customer experience


The customisation of MYOB Exo has allowed staff and management at Mega Music to provide a much higher level of accurate, timely and personalized service to its loyal customer base; the kind of customer relationships that make Mega Music the fastest growing music store in the region.



  • ‘Clunky’ system

  • Limited in ability to meet customer relationship needs.



  • User friendly and powerful system

  • Ability to understand individual customer needs and provide accurate, timely and practical assistance

Image by Jeong goun
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