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Cloud or server based software solutions designed to streamline your business processes by increasing visibility, control and flexibility.

MYOB has a Solution to Suit Every Role in Your Business


MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced is a world class cloud-based ERP system for growing businesses.

MYOB has multiple options designed to suit your business needs. 

Reduce admin and increase the scalability of your processes across multiple aspects of your business operations. 


MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced is a Cloud-based ERP system that grows with your businesses.



MYOB Exo is a server-based ERP system for growing businesses.

Integrated Logic

Integrated Logic are accredited specialists in MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo Business. We are passionate about helping your business grow and achieve your goals. 


Integrated Logic

We are located in Sydney and Brisbane

NSW Office: Avaya House, Level 9, 123 Epping Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

QLD Office: Cleveland Street, QLD 4163

Phone: 1300 533 361

NSW: 02 8875 7727

QLD: 07 3207 5260


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